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7 Ways You Can Fire Up Your Kid’s Creative Drive

Children are very impressionable and during the early phases of childhood, it is during this time they can develop aspects of their personalities. One key aspect is creativity, and if you want your child to develop their creativity, you will have to start early.

Even before they start going to school, you should already cultivate a culture of creativity within your home. That way, once they start going to school, they will already have the creative skills to stand out in class. Here are 7 ways you can fire up your kid’s creativity.

Start Slow

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If you want to fire up your child’s creative spirit, it is important that have them start slow. Kids may be impressionable, but they mostly have very short attention spans. So it is best that you don’t bombard them with a lot of creative activities.

When you have them start their creative journeys, don’t just give them a piece of paper and tell them to make a masterpiece.

This will just confuse them and even turn them off to any artistic pursuits in the future. It is best that you ease them into the arts. If you practice any type of art form, you should teach them the basics. Make it a fun activity, because the more enjoyable it is, the more chances your kids will want to do it again.

Lay off the pressure

When it comes to teaching kids, you should never pressure them into doing anything. They won’t take to it, and they may even resent you for it.  Instead, you should give them as much freedom to express themselves. Childhood is all about having fun and learning new things every day. So lay off the pressure, and give them room to pursue their own artistic endeavors.

Plan Out Your Activities

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Although you should give your kids the chance to explore their creative impulses, you should also provide them with structured activities that will help them form habits.

These activities can range from lessons on how to decorate bottles to hand-painting to clay sculpting, click here to find out more. Technically these activities can practically be anything, just as long as they give structure and discipline to your child’s artistic activities.

Whether your child is naturally interested in the arts or not, it is still important that you cultivate an atmosphere of creativity in your home. The more you encourage them in cultivating their creativity, the more chances they will have of growing up as creative individuals.

Encourage Them to Read as Much as Possible

Being creative is not just limited to the arts. It could also branch out to creative writing and other aspects of literature. This is why you should encourage your kids to read as much as possible.

The more your kids read, the more likely they are to get into writing once they get older. Have them start out with children’s books and nursery rhymes. As they get older, try to introduce them to the classics such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Dumas, and J.R.R Tolkien.

There is a multitude of great authors to choose from, and you should never limit your child’s choice of reading material. Have them read various genres, and let them decide which one’s their favorites. The more books your child reads, the more multi-faceted their writing will be.

Have Them Join Groups

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Whether your child is into painting, sculpting, or writing, you should give them chances to hang out with other creatives. Developing creativity is usually about the atmosphere they grow up in, and the people they spend time with. So the more contact that they have with fellow creatives, the more likely they will be able to hone their skills.

You can sign them up through neighborhood writing groups or with clubs within your city. When you choose a creative group, make sure that they are safe places for your child. Make sure that the people in charge are trustworthy, and that the activities are well planned out and safe. Remember that your child is very impressionable and that your first priority should always be their safety and growth as individuals.

Have Them Try Out Various Sports

Sports can also be considered a creative endeavor because it does require a great deal of creativity to move your body in a certain way. It takes creativity to pull off a jump shot in basketball. It also takes creativity to score a goal in football. So give your child the opportunity to play in various sports. Have them sign up with various sports clubs at school. You could also enroll them in martial arts classes during the summer.

Let Them Choose Their Art Form

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As a parent, you would most likely have dreams for your child. You would probably want your child to be a painter, a poet, or a writer. However, their choice of artistic pursuits should not be up to you. You could help them by influencing their choices and introducing them to various art forms, However,  the final decision is all up to them, and it is your job to help them reach their full creative potential.


During their early stages of development, kids are like sponges. They take in an incredible amount of knowledge through their experiences. This is especially true for their creativity.

This aspect of their personalities is developed through various artistic pursuits, and you should make it a priority to give them a culture of creativity to grow up in. With these tips, you will be able to instill a sense of creativity in your child.

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