New Features of Salesforce Billing System

Salesforce billing enables commercial and non-profit organizations to maintain detailed accounting records with a single tool. This service provides you with quick and hassle-free access to detailed information about orders, bills, invoices, receipts, and other documentation.

The main advantage of the system is that all data about the organization’s work is synchronized online and is available at any time. Salesforce billing software takes care of everything you need to do right up to the automation of billing and alignment with sales.

The possibility to study information about regular customers allows you to make extremely attractive offers to your customers. Access to data about purchases or donations is essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of engagement with their audience.

Why you need Salesforce billing integration


Access to detailed accounting documentation can significantly simplify the work of all departments. Thanks to this, the owner gets the opportunity to study data on large or standing orders from specific customers. Analysis of information helps to compose a profile of buyers, which will be used to develop personal offers in the future.

Details of payments from Salesforce billing solution will be useful in a number of other cases:

  • preparing individual discounts for goods;
  • familiarizing consumers with the possibilities of modern technology or products;
  • assistance in updating equipment when it is really necessary;
  • familiarizing support representatives with the duration of the warranty for your product;
  • quick access to useful information about your buyer to save time during the ordering process.

Maintaining the loyalty of regular customers is much easier than it might seem at first glance. This requires studying the history of payments and identifying consumers who are not satisfied with the price or quality of services. After that, it will be easier to regain your customer’s favor because the supplier’s attention to its customer’s concerns tells a lot.

Payment history is essential for a timely response to any changes in consumer behavior. Discount offers or the sale of a more affordable package of services or other products (for example, fundraising with Salesforce) positively affects the purchase dynamics of a particular customer.

Buyers who make big deals can save money and increase the company’s profits. In order for the cooperation to continue and become profitable for all parties, you need to offer a discount price for a larger volume of goods or equipment. Thus, clients get what they need, and the company benefits from such a deal. Audience loyalty is growing, which means that the business is booming.

However, the positive impact of Salesforce billing integration is not limited to communication with customers. Hassle-free access to data will reduce the burden on company employees since all the necessary information will be available on one resource. For more information, click here

Work efficiency is increased by the proper distribution of workload. Staff who previously worked on the transfer and updating of data are able to pay attention to other, more important nuances of the organization’s activities.

Order as one of the tasks of Salesforce billing solution


The online payment module allows you to control all basic transactions with the organization’s funds. Orders, invoices, receipts, and other documentation are synchronized and stored in the secure cloud storage of Salesforce. In order to make the use of all the capabilities of the module simple and easy, you should familiarize yourself with the basic concepts.

At first glance, an order in the saas billing Salesforce system resembles the usual form for making a purchase on any of the selling services. Users can view the details of their order, starting from the list of ordered products to the buyer’s address. Support personnel and other departments have access to the following information:

  • terms of fulfilling the order;
  • registration date of the application;
  • additional goods (services);
  • availability of special packages;
  • list of all products that have been ordered earlier.

Salesforce Billing is linked to other tools that your organization uses. The launch of the online payment module occurs at the moment when the consumer agrees to all the conditions. Well-organized work and synchronization will be especially beneficial for organizations that do business with customers on a subscription basis.

Automated invoicing in saas billing Salesforce


The software is configurable and performs some functions automatically. In order for automation to work for you, you need to set up the online payment module. Available options for using include the possibility to send invoices to loyal customers automatically.

The main difference between an order and an invoice is that the latter includes information about all submitted orders on behalf of the client. The invoice is provided to consumers at regular intervals. This period may differ (month, quarter, half-year or year) depending on the client’s information needs.

The tool allows you to prepare reports on Salesforce recurring donations or other sold goods and services. The online payment module is easy to use, so the employees of your organization will save a lot of time.

Automating the distribution of payment invoices includes access to:

  • frequency of invoicing for clients;
  • automatic updating of information after placing an order;
  • long-term storage in cloud storage.

Proper configuration of the module allows you to save all information and quickly find it at the right time. Detailed reporting is available to everyone who is involved in working with a specific client. The probability of losing important data is reduced to zero.

In addition, there is no need to prepare new documentation when placing an order, because the system will do everything for you. An invoice planner combined with a cloud-based automated process will cope with the tasks without your participation, according to the approved plan. You can make changes to the schedule at any time.

Using of Salesforce donation tools


Organizations that collect Salesforce online donations can use the online payment module just as effectively as commercial organizations. The software allows you to process debit and credit card donations from employees, partners, and customers on a tight schedule.

Setting up tools takes minimum time, and the list of functions is quite diverse:

  • processing of different types of payments (one-time, periodic ones);
  • customizable personal amount of payments;
  • support for all products, invoices, and price lists;
  • secure processing of customer data;
  • storage of all information in the cloud storage.

Contacting partners and customers is easy thanks to the existence of the modern cloud tool Community Cloud. Information about permanent or recurring participants is available in the data preview mode. Additional opportunities include having everything you need to plan for upcoming events.

Advanced Communities can help you set up and integrate useful Salesforce donation tools to improve collaboration between nonprofits and their partners. Access to data is carried out with a few mouse clicks, which allows you to avoid the unnecessary fuss and save time when searching for information of your interest.

Salesforce billing software integration means that:

  • customer data is available at any time;
  • data collection is automatic;
  • sending out invoices allows you to thank the members of your organization;
  • the individual calculation takes little time.

Non-profit organizations can select additional tools according to their needs. For a wide range of options, see

For example, AC Payments & Donations is an add-on that allows you to manage resources easily from anywhere in the world. The NATIVE SALESFORCE app will simplify the control of your sales department, which will also increase efficiency.

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