Is European Roulette Considered Better Than American Roulette

Online casino games are a hotshot property among gamblers across the globe. It provides them with fun, entertainment, and hard cash simultaneously. It would be an understatement to say that digitization has helped the online gambling sector since it can appeal to a larger audience and earn revenues than traditional gaming. All the offline games are now available online with the same excitement and money-making characteristics.

The long list of games available online are slots, blackjack, craps, bingo, baccarat, scratch cards, roulette, and many more. If you wish to get your hands on all of these, check this on n1casino and have a fun time.

Among all these, one that at times becomes a discussion of debate is the roulette. A roulette board might appear intimidating to the naive. You know you have coins and should lay them down on the counter to make a wager, but there are so many possibilities. When you consider that there are three distinct roulette table top types, you may find them all in one casino: American, European, and French roulette.

The Layout of Roulette Table


You’re looking at a board with thirty-six tiles, labelled one through 36, plus a single or double zero tile on top. You can wager on any of these spaces, or a set of all, that are connected by the matrix lines that form among them – for instance, rows, two nearby squares, and four slabs.

In addition, 18 of the numerals are red, while the rest are black. You can wager 50/50 on whether the final winner is red, black, odd, or even. You may also wager on the correct number being 1-18 or 19-36, as well as on it being in a certain portion of the list.

All this is reasonably simple to comprehend for a casino beginner, but the variants of the roulette table layout require explanation.

American Roulette

The chances of winning here are worse from the perspective of the gambler. You have thirty-six choices to pick from, but there are two zero sections to contend with. The chances of striking a number have increased to 37/1, which is a major drawback.

European Roulette


In both offline and digital casinos, European Roulette is the most famous for its uniqueness of the game. The thirty-six normal numerals are segmented into twelve sections, with a single green zero standing on top. Because there are thirty-seven sections in all, while you can earn 35:1 odds on striking one of your selections, the possibilities are realistically 36:1 when you include the green zero sectors.

The numerals on the wheels aren’t in the same sequence as they should be. However, this is a minor distinction between European and American Roulette.

The House Edge

Although this minor distinction may appear insignificant, it has a significant bearing on the success of your plays. When the chances are less, the rewards are higher in some situations. And isn’t that reasonable? In the instance of American Roulette, however, this is not the scenario. Even though the chances are reduced, the payout for wagering on the winning ticket is the same – 35:1. The same as in European Roulette.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons people prefer European Roulette over American Roulette because there is less risk and more rewards. Money is a big motivation in any game. Also, where there are more chances of winning, any player would go that way only.

Both the games are a matter of luck and intuition. For instance, if you have to pick a random number from 10 numbers and 11 numbers, only a fool will increase his chances of losing by opting for the latter one. The same is the case with American and European Roulette. This one number gives a significant edge to win.

The Aftermath


If you stake $1 on a European roulette with thirty-seven pockets, you will lose around one unit on aggregate after thirty-seven revolutions. And if you wager $1 on an American disc with thirty-eight pockets, you will lose around two units on average after thirty-seven turns. As a result, you will lose nearly twice as much cash on the American spin.

It may not seem like enough of a change, but consider the following: If you end up losing $1,000 on a European spin in 60 minutes, you will suffer the same quantity in 30 minutes on an American spin.

When you realize that you’re fighting the same enemy with almost the same rewards and the same degree of enthusiasm, it’s a significant change. You are going to invest the same amount of time, energy, money, passion, and efforts, then you must pick wisely when it is about gaining. Whichever side offers more, pick that one.

Which one is better?

So, what is the greatest rendition of this world-famous gambling game? It all depends on what you want to get out of your roulette encounter. The rules of gaming remain the same, but if you’re only concerned with profit, or at most increasing your possibility of successful finances, European Roulette is the route to travel.

While it may be somewhat difficult to succeed in American Roulette – keep in mind, we’re talking about narrow margins — the activity can be more enjoyable. Once you have additional gambling alternatives, the fun increases. Many gamblers rely on the fact that there are two green portions by investing in both.

Also, the numbers never lie. The chances of the house winning and you losing in American spin is 5.26%, and 2.7% in European Roulette.

The Parting Words

Gambling is another name of entertainment. It is in simple words a game of possibilities. The more you are good at the game of guessing, the better your chances are of winning and stocking a fortune for yourself. At times, most of us end up losing the fun side of the activities. Gambling can do that to you because of the money involved. So, whichever roulette you choose to play, make sure you are enjoying it while playing it.

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