How to Choose the Perfect Liquid For Your E-cigarette

It is said that e-cigarettes are much safer and better when compared to the traditional type of tobacco that can be extremely harmful to your health. These products are versatile and they can even help you with the possible addiction that you may have to nicotine or traditional tobacco products. The latest statistics have shown that more than 60 million people choose these products all around the world, and there are many reasons why this is. In this article, we are going to help you choose the perfect liquid for your e-cigarette and we will give you some tips on how to recognize the quality products and avoid the ones that may be even more harmful to you.

Think about the nicotine you want to intake


The first thing you want to start with when choosing the right type of vape liquid is the nicotine that you want to intake. Some people choose to start smoking with these products, others use them only recreationally and when they are in a social gathering, and there are also those who are trying to quit the traditional cigarettes with these products.

So, the main thing you want to think of is what the purpose of these products is for you, and depending on your previous uses, you need to choose the right nicotine intake level you want to get. For people who are non-smokers or who don’t smoke more than a few cigarettes per day, liquid with about three milligrams of nicotine should be enough. For those who enjoy this product a bit more and who are around the 10 cigs per day mark, it is recommended to choose a product that has about six milligrams. If you are an active smoker and if you smoke around 20 cigs per day, you can go with a liquid that has around 12 milligrams of nicotine. Finally, if you are a heavy smoker, and if you want something to satisfy your needs, then you may want to go with a product that contains about 18 milligrams of nicotine.

Even though this is important, you should also consider how your body and especially your throat are going to react to this. The rule of thumb, especially if you are new to e-cigarettes is to start with a product that contains the smallest amount of nicotine and increase the dosage depending on how your throat reacts and depending on how you like it. See if you need more, and increase gradually. Don’t start with the most potent products and know that there is a difference in the way you feel when you smoke traditional types of cigs and the e-ones.

Who sells it and where was it produced?


You should also consider the manufacturer and the seller when you are picking the right product for you. Know that in today’s market, there are a lot of sellers and a lot of options to choose from. Note that just because someone sells a product for an extremely cheap price, it does not mean that that liquid is good. You need to find a good balance between quality and price, and you should not try to go for the cheapest one you can find on the market. Know that sometimes there is going to be a huge discount on the products just because they are close to the due date, and they may go bad soon. You can buy these products in bulk only if you know that you can finish them before they go bad.

The trusted sellers will usually have all the information about the products listed on their site, and as you can see on, when you open a valid website you can also find information about the certificates and licenses that the stores have, along with other info that you may need.

You should always pay close attention to how the whole store or the website looks, you should check if the site is secure, and you should not purchase any goods from places that look too good to be true, who have extremely low prices, or places that seem suspicious. You should check the ingredients the manufacturer uses to create the products, and if you cannot find that info on the site, you should reach out to customer support and try to learn more about it.

Note that you should see if the products are made compliant with your country’s laws, and try to find more information on the way that they are produced. Even though these things may not seem like they are extremely important, if you want to purchase quality goods and if you want to keep your health, you have to pay attention to all the small details.

Other details


You should also pay attention to the right liquid for your specific model of e-cigarette. In some cases, your device will accept pretty much any and all liquids, but sometimes that may not be the case. If you use a product that is too thick or too thin for your device, it may get clogged or it may not function properly. Because of this, you should see which liquids are the best ones for the brand that you are currently using, and go from there. If you cannot find enough information on that, you should just ask the seller if their liquid products are a good fit for the device that you are currently using.

You should also think about the flavor that you want to use, because as you already know, in today’s market there are hundreds of flavors that you can choose from. Some users want to just get the taste of tobacco, while others want something interesting and fun like vanilla flavor or bubblegum. You may want to explore the menthol and mint products that will leave a fresh aftertaste in your mouth.

As you can see, choosing the right type of liquid for your device is not that difficult, and you should start by checking which products are compatible with your device and go from there. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors and strength, and know that you don’t always have to stick only to your favorites. Try new things out, see how they work for you, and if you feel that something is too strong for you or is the reason for your sore throat or cough, you should change the brand as soon as possible.

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