Estwing E316S 16 oz Straight Claw Hammer Review

Do you want to buy a hammer? Looking for a hammer for ripping nails? Do you want to buy a hammer that has both normal and ripping nails facilities? Are you still searching for the best-featured hammer? Stay here to know the best nail hammers and its other features.

Features of Estwing E316S 16 oz


Estwing is one of the leading manufacturer companies for home improvement tools and they provide hammer with advanced technology. Now, the Estwing provides E316S 16 oz Straight Claw Hammer with lots of features. The features of the Estwing straight claw hammer is described below:

Forged in one piece of solid steel


The head and handle of the Estwing claw hammer are forged in one piece of solid steel. Forged in one piece solid steel means, the head and handle shaft is made out of single solid steel so that the head it won’t fly off from the handle. Hence, it avoids loosehead, when the nylon-vinyl deep cushion grips bonded to the steel handle.

Shock reduction grip

The Estwing Straight has bonded and molded on shock reduction grip, so it reduces shock up to 70%. For some process, you won’t feel vibrations at all. In order to provide a high shock reduction grip, it uses vinyl nylon material. Hence, it is perfect for driving and removing nails.

Forged metal head


This Estwing hammer’s head is designed with forged metal, so it provides extra strength for a hammer.

Rip claws

This hammer is introduced with 2 in 1 purpose. You can use this hammer for woodworking and ripping nails. It includes ripping claws to pull the nails well to work effectively.

Polished head and handle

The handle and head made out of single solid steel are polished well and it is coated with attractive blue UV.

Length of hammer


The length of the Estwing E316S 16 hammer is 13 inches long, so it keeps you some distance away from straight claw ripping hammer.


The length of the Estwing hammer is a little bit longer, so you can able to keep some distance. But, you need to protect your eyes from flying particles and dust.


The price of the straight claw hammer is $21.84. For this reasonable price, you can get striking common, finishing nails and nail sets.




  • It provides comfort to swing
  • Estwing offers perfect balance while working
  • It includes a smooth face
  • It gives extra strength using forged metal head
  • It reduces shock up to 70%
  • Perfect hammer for general and also for light to medium work


Final words

Are you looking hammer for striking common and finishing nails? I strongly recommend you the Estwing E316S 16 oz Straight Claw Hammer. The Estwing is must to have a hammer for general and light to heavy-duty, where ripping nails are necessary.

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