Review of Estwing E3WC 14 oz BIG BLUE Welding/Chipping Hammer

Are you looking for a hammer for welding? Or searching hammer for chipping? Then why you didn’t prefer Estwing E3WC 14 oz hammer? If you got a hammer with both welding and chipping facilities, then it’s awesome right. Well, the Estwing hammer provides both welding and chipping in a single hammer.

Keep reading this review of Estwing E3WC 14 oz big blue hammer to know other features.

Features of Estwing E3WC 14 oz Big blue hammer


Estwing is one of the leading manufacturer company and they provide tools for home improvement. And, tools for both welding and chipping are available with Estwing. They have introduced more numbers of the hammer and other tools. Recently, this company introduced the Estwing E3WC 14 oz big blue welding/chipping hammer with advanced features.

One-piece construction


You already have some experience with other Estwing hammers that made out of steel material right. This Estwing chipping and welding hammer also made out of the same high strength tool steel. But, the difference is this is designed with one-piece construction.

What is one piece of construction?

The head and handle shaft in E3WC 14 oz is made out of the single piece, so the head won’t fly off from handle like other hammers.

Reduced vibrations

This Estwing E3WC 14 oz provides a reduced level of vibrations while working on any type of material.

Polished head


The big blue hammer includes a fully polished head and handles shaft that made out of the single piece. The bottom of the head and neck is painted with metallic blue, so it offers a fine look.

Lightweight design

The weight of the Estwing hammer’s head is 14 oz. This is a lightweight design versus other steeled head hammers.

Shock reduction grip

The Estwing E3WC big blue welding has a bonded and molded shock reduction grip which is made up of Nylon vinyl. This shock reduction grip features comfort and durability while the impact caused by reducing vibrations.



At the fishing stage, the handle is covered with shock-absorbing rubber, so you feel a reduced level of vibrations.

Quality of metal

The Estwing welding and chipping hammers use top quality metals and moreover, this product is also made out of the highest quality.


The price of this big blue hammer is about 22.92$. This is somewhat extra money versus your previous one. But it is worth the extra money.


  • It is a top-quality machine
  • The big blue hammer provides good service
  • It requires only minimal maintenance
  • The Estwing offers lifetime support
  • It includes a bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip
  • Manufactured with high strength tool

Final conclusion

You might have tried lots and a variety of hammers in your lifetime and threw it away after jumping to another one right. But, once you have used this hammer, then you will never use another one. If you’re woodworker, then I this is a seriously got to have tool.

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