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All there is to know about D-aspartic acid and its supplements

Aspartic acid belongs to a group of acids referred to as amino acids. Amino acids are the basic units of proteins, hormones, and certain neurotransmitters, and serve many functions in the human body. Like all amino acids, aspartic acid also has two different types, which are L-aspartic acid and D-aspartic acid (DAA).

They are similar in terms of their chemical formula. Still, their molecular formula is inverted, like a mirror image of one another. This gives them their distinct “left-handed” and “right-handed” names.

The D-aspartic acid, unlike the L-aspartic acid, is not produced naturally by the body and is also not used in protein synthesis. It is taken as D-aspartic acid powder and functions to release certain hormones in the body. Once the powder reaches the bloodstream after consumption, it stimulates the release of a hormone in the brain that controls testosterone production. In this way, D-aspartic acid is considered a testosterone-boosting supplement.

What is testosterone?

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Testosterone is a hormone produced in both animals and humans. In men, it is the testicles that produce testosterone, and it is the main hormone that they produce. In women, ovaries produce testosterone, though in much less quantity. In men, the levels of testosterone in the body begin to increase at puberty and begin to drop after the age of 30. Testosterone plays a significant role in sperm production and muscle production. Testosterone levels can also affect mood. Since it is a hormone, so it is present in the bloodstream, and levels of testosterone can be measured by a simple blood test.

Effects of DAA supplement

The D-aspartic acid supplement increases testosterone levels, which in turn have the following effects:

  1. DAA supplements are likely to increase fertility. Limited evidence suggests that DAA supplements increase fertility in men. A study reported that taking these supplements increased fertility rates in a group of men from no conception to 23.3% conceiving after 90 days.
  2. It increases seminal mobility. In infertile men, taking DAA supplements increases seminal mobility by 50-100%
  3. It increases sperm count. In infertile men, sperm count is known to increase by 50-100%.

Side effects of DAA supplements

D-aspartic acid, in itself, is not harmful, but supplements can have negative side effects. Aspartic acid in food sources is relatively safe, and so is the short time use of this acid, taken through the mouth. Longer-term use could be riskier, though there is insufficient evidence to prove this.

It is not advisable to take these supplements during pregnancy

It could be unsafe to use DAA supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Research has suggested that brain defects in newborns could be linked to taking these supplements by mouth during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

These might be unsafe for use by children

Research suggesting the side effects of the supplements in children is insufficient, and there is not enough evidence to prove anything with certainty. However, research has proven that DAA supplements cause brain deficiencies in animals, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Reasons why men might take DAA supplements

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Increase testosterone with a natural supplement: Testosterone levels in men increase up till the age of 30, but from then onwards, it is usually a downhill path. On average, 1% of the testosterone drops every year after the age of 30. Low testosterone levels can be problematic as they can cause depression, mood swings, obesity, reduced muscles, and reduced quality of sperm. It is these problems that compel men to start taking supplements to maintain their testosterone levels.

1. Increase muscles

These supplements increase testosterone, which in turn increases muscle mass. A decrease in lean muscle fat and an increase in fat can result from low testosterone levels. Men might consider taking DAA supplements to increase the natural production of testosterone in their bodies so that they can increase their lean muscle mass.

2. Improve fertility

A very significant aspect of anyone’s life is to start a family of their own. Men usually decide to start a family between the ages of 20 and 40. To ensure they are fertile, men consider taking DAA supplements. These are known to increase fertility in men by increasing sperm count and quality.

How else can you increase D-aspartic acid content in your body?

Taking DAA supplements is not the only source of D-aspartic acid; there are foods rich in this acid that can be consumed to serve the same purpose. Both options are viable and can be used to increase testosterone levels in your body. The following food sources are rich in D-aspartic acid:

Poultry and meat

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Muscle tissue largely consists of protein, which in turn is made up of units of amino acids. D-aspartic acid is a type of amino acid, so meat and poultry are rich in this acid.

Dairy products and eggs

Eggs are also rich in protein just like meat, which makes them good sources of amino acids, including D-aspartic acid. One hard-boiled egg can provide 1.7g of D-aspartic acid. Dairy products, on the other hand, contain smaller portions of D-aspartic acid. However, cheese is a dairy product that contains 2.5g of the acid.

Plant food products

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Plant-base food sources are known to be rich in nutrients, including vitamins. Plant-based foods like corn, barley, millet, and long grain rice are rich in D-aspartic acid. The acid is present in small amounts in these, so it needs to be taken in larger quantities.

If you wish to take DAA supplements to increase testosterone levels in your body, you need to find the right supplement and follow proper dosages to avoid unpleasant side effects. These supplements are available in several online markets like, where you can also find the details about the product.

With the product, directions regarding the dosages and consumption are also available. It is advisable to strictly follow the given instruction because, like any other supplement, DAA supplements can have negative effects on the body if taken in excess.

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