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Types of Maintenance That Prevent AC Repair

The air conditioning system is a crucial thing to have during the summer season. Especially if you live in a region where temperatures are pretty high. For many people, this is necessary because they have a health condition and they can’t bear with them. So, keeping the air conditioning system in top-notch shape is not something that needs to be discussed.

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When most people think about HVAC maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is your air filter. Replacing your filter is the single most important task you can do as a homeowner. However, there is a plethora of things that affect how often you replace your filters. We are going to name just a few of them. Some of them are going to be a surprise, you can be sure of that.

Amount of Dogs & Cats That Live in Your Home

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We love our furry pets, but they can harm our health & home indoor air quality. The shedding of animal hair will require maintenance more often in your home HVAC system. It’s recommended to replace ac filters every 30 days if you have pets living in your home. Brushing your pets daily with special combs helps reduce the amount of hair in your homes filter & improve your indoor air quality. Pet hair does not dissolve with the most potent chemicals. There are consequences if pet hair enters your air conditioning unit. Animal hair is more difficult to remove than dirt & dust. Once the pet here gets stuck in your evaporator coil, you’ll need to hire a reliable ac repair tech on AC Repair to wash your air conditioner. You will also need a high-pressure water hose to remove the lodged hair between the fins of the coil. 

How Many People Live in Your Home?

The number of people that live in your home makes a significant impact on how often you must replace your air filters. A home with a big family will require more filter changes. Every time you open the front door, it’s a magnet for dirt & dust. Small amounts of dirt are tracked from the outside when you enter your home. A good percentage of that debris will contaminate your HVAC system. With more people exiting & entering your home, the humidity will be harder to control & maintain in your home. More humidity also means more maintenance & a higher utility bill. If the humidity is not controlled, it can also turn into mold. The longer your ac unit runs, the more bacteria build up in your PVC pipes. Your condensate pipes will require maintenance more frequently, from the increased humidity entering your home.

Electrical Connections

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Power issues represent a big problem for every electronic device and system in your home. Air conditioning is not an exception to this rule. Having power-related problems is something that you don’t need at all during the summer season. Preventing all possible problems before the season is going to save you both money and time. Moreover, you shouldn’t limit yourself with thinking with only about air conditioning system, this can be a real problem that can affect almost all of the systems in your household.

What is the Location of Your Air Filter

The location of your filter is a critical factor in how often you will replace your filters. Filters located in high traffic areas will get replaced more often than filters in low traffic spots. Filters in the ceiling will take longer to get dirty than filters located near the ground floor. Filters located near the front door are bad spots for air filters. When filters are located near the front door, they will absorb unnecessary heat, dirt, & humidity into your central ac system. Filters located on the ground floor have another critical problem anywhere in your home. Walking past your air vents near the floor also contributes to them getting replaced faster.

The Equipment

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Taking a look at the state of all of the equipment necessary for your system is an absolute must. The reason is that even the slightest issues with the equipment can lead to frequent breakdowns system. Parts that are damaged need to be replaced at once. Replacing them before the season starts you can save some serious amount of money. If you don’t do this before the season, you will need to spend a serious amount of money during the season. This makes perfect sense because people in this field of work are going to up their prices after the seasons start. 

Drainage Lines and Drain Pans

Water that is standing for too long in pans can cause massive damage by producing mold that can pile up in the air conditioning system. You could have a real mess on your hands if your pans and drainage system have too much of the mold in the season. At the same time, it would take too much time to fix and you will need to invest a large amount of money. You can just think about how many times it would take to fix all of the drainages in your household. So, preventing this from happening, you can kill two birds with one stone. You will both keep your drainage and pans in a good shape and you will save your air conditioning system safe from the negative effects.

Type of Air Filter That You Use

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High filtration filters, hypoallergenic, & pet filters capture dirt much faster rate. The increased filter mesh requires more filter changes than inferior disposable filters. A higher-quality filter is always better than a poor quality one. Investing in a good air filter is one of the best investments you can make for under $10 per month. If you forget to replace your filter, the higher quality filter will perform much better than a lower-end one. Cleaner houses will require fewer filter changes. Having a clean home has many benefits, from improved health, better indoor air quality, reduced allergy symptoms, & improved order control. Some homes are so clean that they replace filters only once a year.

Last Thoughts

AC system repairing during the season is something that is both hefty and time-consuming. Therefore, preventing the hiatus that could give you some serious headaches is something that you should definitely do. There are a lot of things that you can do in preventing serious AC problems. We’ve provided you with the major ones and we are pretty certain that monitoring theses will give you an advantage in facing potential problems with your air conditioning system. We certainly hope that you will found our article useful. For more information about AC repair services, visit Ambrose Air

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