3 Tips And Tricks For Customizing Your Phone’s Sounds

You bought a new phone and are now trying out all the options. Not so thrilled with the sound quality and choice of ringtones and messages? That doesn’t have to be a problem! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can customize sounds on your phone.

Today Good Phone Sound Is More Significant Than It Used To Be

Some 5-6 or 10 years ago, the sound on the phone was not an important item for us. On the contrary, we almost did not even notice this feature. However, over the years, things have changed – so today the sound quality and the choice of ringtones and messages are very important to customers. Moreover, today, manufacturers also have this in mind – especially when it comes to music lovers. Today, a phone with good sound can compete even with low-cost options. However, we don’t all have the option to buy portable speakers or the most expensive phone models. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t have the desired ringtones, text messages, and notifications tones, or good sound quality.

Customizing Your Phone Sounds


When buying a mobile phone, the thing that users usually edit first – is the wallpapers. However, in recent years, most of us want to customize melodies and sounds on our mobile phones. Fortunately, the sounds on the phone are easily customizable – so you can set your phone to notify you however you want, and here’s how you can do it.

Tips For Customizing Your Phone’s Sounds

For starters, to avoid confusion, we’ll explain a few things about your phone’s sounds. The first thing you need to know is that the phone has three different tone notifications:

Notification tone

It is a sound that is played when you receive a notification for the application, when you receive a message, and the like. They are generally short and do not repeat – because the notices are not so important that you have to review them immediately.


Of course, it is the sound that is heard when someone calls you and it is constantly, without interruption, heard until you take the call.

Alarm tone

It is a sound that should be loud and penetrating because it must wake you up at the moment when the alarm starts to sound.

How Do We Customize Phone Sounds?


The default tone notifications are mostly annoying – and when you buy a phone, changing them is always welcomed. However, since there are three types of tone notifications of a different character – it is not easy to find something that is interesting and that meets our needs. Here’s how you can customize the sounds on your phone.

1. Create your own ringtones

If you have a favorite refrain – it is usually not right at the beginning of that song. This means that if you set it to a ringtone, you will not hear that interesting part of the song when you receive a call. So, in order to set only the chorus for the ringtone – you need to edit the song. This may be a little more complex process. Also, you need to remember what you actually like – and then find it and download it from the internet. Then everything needs to be edited and finally set to the ringtone. Although it seems too complicated, it doesn’t have to be. If you want to easily edit a sound melody – programs such as Audacity can be very useful. This program can help you to easily cut melodies to a certain length. When your melody is ready, save it in MP3 format – and transfer it to your mobile device in the Ringtones folder. If the melody doesn’t appear immediately – restart your device. After that, everything should be fine – and you can choose a new melody for your phone.

2. Make your notification tone more fun

What if we tell you that there is a way where you can find, listen, download and set an interesting notification tone in a few touches? It’s definitely a great idea and the best way to make annoying notification tones more interesting. You can choose one of many applications – or services like In their database of tones, you can find almost everything that may interest you – from gentle melodies to funny sounds. The best thing about the whole story is that everything is in one place. Great user appearance, the ability to listen to tones and melodies before downloading, and quick setup – make this and similar services unbeatable.

3. Set the alarm tone

How do you like to wake up? Is waking up to the chirping of birds right for you – or is the sound of a doorbell waking you up? Maybe you need an even louder sound to wake you up? No worries, you can download all these tones via alarm sound apps. However, if you are creative yourself – you can make some of yours too. Simply record a tone that you think will surely wake you up. Save the file and set it to the alarm sounds list. Of course, don’t forget that the volume must be adjusted – so that the sound really wakes you up when you want it to. Otherwise, you may fall asleep and be late for work.

Individual Application Settings


In addition to setting ringtones, notifications, or alarms – some other applications also allow you to set these sounds. However, this situation differs from which operating system you use on your phone. On iOS, if the app is not listed in the settings – the custom ringtone will hardly work when edited via the options within the app. When it comes to Android, the options are much greater. For example, Facebook Messenger on Android allows you to edit the ringtone by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right corner, further in the Notifications and Sounds section – where you can edit the ringtone or notifications.

The Bottom Line

Sound settings on your phone can be an extremely creative and fun activity. As you can see – everything can be customized very easily and simply. If you are also imaginative and have enough time to edit the sounds on your phone – we are sure that you will be recognizable when your phone rings.

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