10 Jewelry That Every Woman Should Have

Even if you are not a fan of jewelry and do not have a huge jewelry collection, some of them must be in your home collection. Jewelry helps to feel like a woman – beloved, beautiful, adored, which is why it is essential to have at least a few copies of this small and beautiful female weapon in your arsenal.

So, what kind of jewelry will be useful to you in any life situation and will always make you feel like a real woman?

1. Diamond Ring


A diamond is a precious stone that absolutely everyone likes. It has a unique energy, the best aesthetic, and physical characteristics, a unique luster, and high hardness. This mineral is deservedly recognized as the king of all stones. A diamond ring attracts not only your gaze but also the views of others, and every woman deserves to have such an ornament. Some people think that jewelry with diamonds must necessarily be expensive, and because of this, there are doubts and the choice. You can check and find out more of moissanite vs diamond. Today, this is no longer the case, and thanks to various promotions and discounts, even these noble stones have become available to almost every woman. A diamond ring can be found for quite reasonable money. Perhaps your decoration will have a tiny stone insert, but rest assured, even it will constantly delight you with a fantastic play of light and iridescent iridescence.

2. Pearl Jewelry

A pearl necklace or earrings (ring) with pearls – must be listed in the casket of every woman, and there is quite a logical explanation for this. After all, there is nothing better than a beautiful snow-white pearl on a black dress or a black turtleneck, just as there is no better way to make your skin look smoother than pearl jewelry. Pearls are not like other semi-precious stones, as they have a different, completely unique, natural origin. There is a sea particle in these stones, and it is impossible not to feel it when you wear jewelry with pearls. Another advantage of pearls is that it is universal: jewelry with pearls will look great with a light, summer, fluttering dress, and with a strict office suit.

3. Long earrings


Candelabra earrings, and indeed any models of earrings with pendants, look extraordinarily graceful since when walking or turning their heads, they beautifully “dance” to the beat of your movements. These earrings look especially impressive with their hair pulled back because they perfectly emphasize the necklines and visually stretch the image, thereby allowing you to look slimmer. You can check for other earrings designs that you would surely love.

4. Earrings-Congo

Congo – earrings, which are popularly known as “rings”. This model of earrings fits any hairstyle – the main thing is to choose the correct diameter of the jewelry. Congo varies in size, which can be from 10 to 50 mm. Round-faced women are more suitable for earrings with a larger diameter, and girls with an oval face shape are more petite in size but wide. They look great with loose hair and a classic hairstyle, referred to as a “ponytail”. Congo earrings with a diamond face look just fabulous. This model is very light and does not cause discomfort when worn, essential for those who appreciate beauty and convenience.

5. A bracelet


What better way to emphasize the beauty and elegance of women’s hands than a bracelet? This decoration has been known since ancient times, and today it also does not lose its popularity. Some people like to wear bracelets in several pieces at once; others prefer to be faithful to a single favorite jewelry. Whatever group you belong to, be sure that this highly feminine accessory will present your hands and your other jewelry in a favorable and new light, namely rings. The bracelet can be made of gold, or maybe of silver; in any case, this decoration will perfectly fit into your image and will often attract the attention and gazes of others.

6. Decoration with your favorite stone

Every woman is usually intuitively drawn to someone precious or semi-precious stone. You need to listen to your inner voice because it tells us which stone can best help us. What kind of stone it will be – blue topaz, lilac amethyst, yellow citrine, scarlet ruby, or green chrysolite – it’s up to you. Think about which stone it would be most pleasant for you to look at every day, and feel free to buy jewelry with an insert of this mineral.

7. Gold Chain


A gold chain is a beautiful way to emphasize the beauty of your neck and decollete area. Depending on how long it will be, you can make different accents. Short chains are visible in almost any combination with clothing. Long ones that are worn with pendants – elegantly indicate the depth of your neckline. Wearing a chain with or without a charm is already your personal choice. Both of these options are pretty acceptable. But if you pick up a pendant with the same insert stone as already in your ring or earrings, harmoniously matched jewelry will look like a set, that is, even more brightly and expressively.

8. Cocktail Ring

The “exit” ring usually has an original design and a fairly large size. Jewelry for special occasions should look bright, exciting, and expensive. They should not be comfortable; first of all, they should be noticeable, luxurious, and expressive. The cocktail ring dominates the hand, which immediately attracts attention. Wearing such a ring, you can safely limit yourself only to it because statement jewelry style jewelry can transform even the simplest clothes and add the missing chic and gloss to your image.

9. Stud Earrings


A comfortable, weightless version of earrings for every day, which always looks great with the hair removed and fits perfectly into absolutely any female image. If stud earrings do not seem bright enough to you, choose options with inserts of colored stones! Such a decoration can perfectly emphasize the beauty of your eyes or lipstick color, depending on which shade of stone you choose.

10. Wedding Ring

An engagement ring is not just an ornament. This is a decoration with meaning. It eloquently tells others without words that you are happy and your heart is busy. If you want your jewelry to be not just a decoration but a keeper of some valuable memory for you, make an engraving on your product. Perhaps only you will know about it, and no one else, but it does not matter at all. The name of your loved one, or some important word for you, or an aphorism, or a slogan, or some significant date for you can be engraved on the jewelry that you wear every day.

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