How to Create a PayPal Account Without A Phone Number?

Nowadays, people can make purchases, book services, and transfer money online. Virtual payments are a common case for modern people. Thus, multiple e-wallets exist for convenient and quick money transfers. PayPal is one such service.

PayPal is an international online payment system with thousands of millions of users around the world. Pan-access, wide functionalities, and a high security level contribute to the popularity of the banking method in the world.

How to Sign Up for PayPal without a Phone Number?


Payment systems deal with money so they must guarantee the highest level of security for clients. Several means are implemented to avoid data theft. PayPal complies with the DCI SSL protocol and has a 128-bit encryption system to protect user privacy and keep clients’ data confidential. Another measure implies obligatory account verification via an SMS code. This step helps verify users’ profiles, avoid bots and fakes, and secure payments.

Yet, even with these measures, clients feel concerned about their privacy since modern hackers are too skilled and get any information they want. Thus, many users believe that, by specifying their real data, they risk being blackmailed and being subject to rights infringement. So, they try to bypass phone identification on Web portals. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to register PayPal without a phone number. Online phones come as the only effective solution for this case.

A virtual number is a temporarily rented phone of other people. Such services are provided by specialized providers, who stand as intermediaries to connect buyers and sellers. The benefits of using online phones are:

  1. Risk-free verification on PayPal. Clients do not risk their private info since fake data is specified, meaning that in the case of leakage, intruders won’t get valuable info.
  2. The possibility to create more than one profile. If you need two or more accounts on PayPal for some reason, you can use only one number per profile. Thus, you’ll need extra numbers to register new profiles.
  3. Cost-effective option. This solution is cheaper than a burner phone or roaming. Pricing for virtual phones is affordable and justified by the duration of usage.
  4. Unlimited access even if you live in a restricted geo-zone. By buying a virtual number from a foreign state, you can get access to the app, even if it is not supported in your state.

Thus, it is possible to use the payment method freely without the fear of being hacked.

How to Make a PayPal Account without a Phone Number?


Now, let’s consider how to get into PayPal without a phone number in more detail. First of all, note that you need to find a trusted service provider who offers fruitful conditions. So, the selection phase is the first one. When comparing online telephony service providers, pay attention to the next criteria:

  • the list of supported countries;
  • the list of available operators;
  • pricing;
  • benefits and perks for loyal clients;
  • accepted payment methods.

SMSBower is an example of a reputable provider. So, if you want to buy a temp number for PayPal, visit the website Favorable conditions, reasonable prices, and a wide phone catalog are provided there. The provider points out the following advantages of cooperation:

  1. Several hundred free phones from 260 locales. The most popular local operators are available. Clients can select any operator from any state they need.
  2. Affordable prices for numbers and subscriptions. Different subscription periods are available. The cost is reasonable and is more effective if compared to other communication channels.
  3. A branched loyalty system with benefits for regular clients. The provider gives discounts, calculates points, etc.
  4. Instant text and call receipt. Messages, codes, and calls are received within a minute.
  5. Multiple banking methods for deposits. E-wallets, direct transfers, and bank cards are accepted.
  6. Customer support. Managers are polite and competent. They are ready to help you solve any issue at any time.
  7. No need to buy hardware (a smartphone or a new SIM card). All actions are managed online in a personal account.

Once you’re done with the selection of the right provider, you should register an account. A minimum set of data is needed to create a profile (only an email and a link in a messenger). Then, top up a balance to pay for services. To calculate the required sum, study the price list, determine the number of phones, and the subscription period. Submit a request to purchase phones. Set up configurations and use the number online without restrictions.

Renting an online phone allows for surfing Web platforms without risking their privacy. Thus, PayPal users can turn to this option to prevent data theft and enjoy secure money transactions. Virtual numbers have affordable costs and come as an effective and convenient solution for unlimited activity.

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