5 Best Exercises With a Back Extension Machine for Glutes

Back extension machines are not just for your lower back; they’re versatile pieces of gym equipment that, when utilized correctly, can significantly enhance your gluteal strength and tone. While often overlooked in favor of more direct glute exercises, the back extension machine can play a pivotal role in a comprehensive lower body workout regime.

1. Hyperextensions with a Twist


Hyperextensions are the most common exercise performed on the back extension machine, but did you know that with a slight modification, you can make them even more effective for targeting your glutes?

Start by positioning yourself on the machine as you would for regular hyperextensions, with your feet firmly on the platform and your upper thighs resting on the padding. Instead of keeping your body straight, rotate your torso slightly to one side. As you lift your body upward, you’ll feel a stronger contraction in your glutes. Alternate sides for a balanced workout.

2. Glute-Focused Extensions

This variation of the back extension is a great way to put a spotlight on your glutes. Begin in the usual hyperextension starting position. When you raise your body, instead of going for the full range of motion, stop at the point where your body forms a straight line from head to heels. This limits the involvement of the lower back and shifts more focus to the glutes. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement for a better workout.

3. Weighted Hyperextensions


To take your glute workout to the next level, incorporate weights into your extension routine. Hold a weight plate, dumbbell, or kettlebell close to your chest as you perform the movement. This added resistance will make the exercise more challenging and trigger hypertrophy in your glutes.

4. Single-Leg Extensions

Single-leg back extensions are a challenging but rewarding way to target your glutes. Start in the typical hyperextension position, but lift one foot off the footplate. Maintain balance as you raise your upper body. The single-leg component introduces an element of instability that forces your glutes to work even harder. Be sure to switch legs to ensure balanced muscle development.

5. Romanian Deadlift Emulation


The Romanian Deadlift is a fantastic exercise for targeting the glutes and hamstrings, and you can emulate this movement using a back extension machine for a similar impact. Get into position on the machine as you would for a standard extension. Instead of curving your back as you would in a hyperextension, keep your spine neutral, akin to the form in a Romanian Deadlift. Bend at the hips to lower your torso, then extend your hips to lift your body. This hip-hinging movement strongly engages your glutes.

Isometric Glute Squeeze: Intense Glute Activation

The Isometric Glute Squeeze exercise, performed on a back extension machine, shines a spotlight on your glutes and empowers them with intense activation. To perform this exercise, position yourself on the machine as if you’re doing regular hyperextensions. However, instead of an upward lift, the focus here is to contract your glutes with utmost intensity. This contraction should be held momentarily before releasing, repeating this cycle over several repetitions. The unique aspect of this exercise lies in its ability to powerfully stimulate and fortify your glutes without the need for upper body movement, hence, making it an essential inclusion to your glute workout plan.

Glute Bridge on the Back Extension Machine

Building upon the premise of intense glute activation, the Glute Bridge executed on a back extension machine elevates your workout regimen. To perform this, you need to lie face up on the machine, with your feet comfortably placed on the footplate and knees bent at a right angle. The exercise initiates as you engage your glutes to lift your hips, creating a straight line from your shoulders to knees. This ‘bridge’ position should be held briefly before gently lowering your hips back to the starting position. Repeating this sequence of movements across multiple reps allows for concentrated targeting and strengthening of your glutes, facilitating the development and toning of this pivotal muscle group.


While the back extension machine may have gained its fame for lower back exercises, the versatility of this equipment extends far beyond. By incorporating a variety of movements and techniques, you can effectively target your glutes, boosting strength, power, and tonality. Remember, consistency is key to seeing tangible results, and it’s always essential to prioritize proper form over heavier weights. With regular workouts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your glute fitness goals.

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