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Nutrition and Weight Loss in 2024 – Facts

Nutrition is the fuel we consume to ensure our health and energy level during a day. Thus, when we have unbalanced nutrition from the point of view of macronutrients and low in vitamins we will face health problems, low energy levels, poor mood, poor quality sleep and so on.

Most consider fats the main culprit responsible for various diseases of the cardiovascular system but the truth is somewhere in the middle. If you eat foods that contain healthy fats (nuts, almonds, avocados, olives, fish, yogurt) and fewer foods that contain unhealthy fats (margarine, sweets, cakes, fried food, pastries) you won’t have this kind of problems.

It is also advisable to consume low-fat meat because there are most of the hormones and chemicals used for the rapid growth of the respective animals. You can opt for beef, chicken, turkey, lean pork cooked in a healthy way in the oven or on the grill, not fried.

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According to StartFitnessPlan, it is not necessary to eliminate fats because they contain essential fatty acids that are extremely important for the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system, but it is important to choose the right fats. If you do not manage to consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids frequently, you can also use nutritional supplements (dietary supplements) that easily provide the required daily dose. We recommend, however, to use only in case of need the supplements (that is why they are called supplements because they supplement a normal diet, do not replace!) And not the formation of a habit.

We will also have to look after sugar (especially refined), white flour and processed foods and consume foods in their natural state. A healthier option is to replace sugar with honey or stevia, white flour with whole wheat flour and processed foods with foods that we prepare ourselves, all with MEASURE.

Water is very important for the balance of the endocrine system, cardiovascular, muscular, nervous and so on. Since the body is about 70% water, adequate daily consumption should be a priority for each of us.

Proper and balanced nutrition along with a physical exercise plan strengthens the immune system and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fast Weight Loss

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Top best tips for weight loss, fast and efficient

  1. To lose weight fast and to transform your body into the one you always wanted, you need a personalized nutritional plan, balanced and adapted to your goals.
  2. Exercise in the gym is extremely important in the weight loss process because it helps to burn calories and stimulate metabolism.
  3. Breakfast must contain vitamins and minerals for a good functioning of the body and a high energy level
  4. The elimination of the extra kilos is closely correlated with the daily maintenance of a caloric deficit. Basically you have to eat less than you consume through various activities: work, going to the gym, exercise, walking, etc.
  5. Weight loss and muscle definition are often used as synonyms but unfortunately, they represent different things. Weight loss is a general term that refers strictly to the reduction of extra kilos without regard to body composition. The muscular definition, however, is what everyone should follow, namely, fat-burning (adipose tissue) and increasing or maintaining muscle mass. Thus, the body composition will be optimal and at the same time, the appearance will be a firm and well-defined one.
  6. The most efficient method of weight loss is following a diet (personalized nutritional plan). Famous diets mentioned everywhere are short term solutions and even so it is very likely that they will not fit because not all people are the same. In order to have the desired body and maintain it, it is necessary to adopt a regular healthy lifestyle, not just a month or two of a strict diet and then return to the old habits.
  7. In order to reach your goal, burn fat and build an aesthetic body, you need, besides exercise and balanced nutrition, strong motivation and ambition. It’s not easy, that’s why quite a few do it, but once you’ve succeeded, you will feel into it and you will never want to return to the initial unsatisfactory physical form.
  8. Fat burners? These Elm and Rye supplements help in fat burning due to the thermogenic effect (heating), stimulation of metabolism and energy (high doses of caffeine). But beware, because they are SUPPLEMENTS, that is, they do not do wonders, but only supplement already balanced nutrition and an optimal training plan. You can opt, in the absence of the desire to consume caffeine, for supplements based on green tea, cayenne pepper (chili), apple vinegar, cinnamon s.a.

Muscle Mass Facts

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The muscle mass is developed with the help of the strength exercises and especially of balanced nutrition and optimal of the respective goal.

Most of the time, the food is underestimated and there is a great emphasis on training, on heavyweights, on high volume, on various exercises. The truth is that nutrition counts around 70-80% in terms of muscle mass development and maintaining an optimal hormone level.

As far as training is concerned, a correct and clean execution with the right weight will always be much more efficient than the forced, tormented, squirming repetitions with huge weights. This way you will be able to target the muscles effectively, with minimal involvement of the assisting muscles and much lower pressure on the joints.

Also, the intensity is very important. If you want to put some muscle on yourself, you will have to leave the “long and frequent” breaks, Facebook or other applications, room conversations etc. and focus on short, intense and targeted training. Thus, you will save time, money, frustration, accidents and you will build a massive aesthetic body.

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