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How to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume

The digital marketing industry is one of the youngest in human history. In the beginning, people were mostly using social media for communication. We do not want to say that things have changed a lot today. Yet, a big number of businesses realized that social media is one of the most powerful advertising tools. Because of that, the demand for digital marketing experts is huge.

Yet, we can say that this industry is still not competitive enough. The reason for that is simple. This industry is one of few where the demand for skilled employees outweighs the supply.

Once again, we only include highly-skilled digital marketers here. You will find many of them that represent themselves as experts. However, not a big number of them are capable to make a viral digital marketing campaign. So, if you invested a lot of time to improve your skills, then it is the right time to find a job. The first thing that you need to make before you start job hunting is creating a perfect digital marketing resume.

No one expects you to have 20 years of work experience in this field. The branch itself is not that old. That’s why you need to think out of the box. First of all, through your resume, you are showing your marketing skills. If you are not capable to promote yourself, then how will you promote the company?

Besides that, a huge number of people will represent themselves as an expert. Because of that, you need to split from the masses. The first impression (resume) is everything. That’s why we want to explain to you how to create a perfect digital marketing resume. There are a couple of steps that you need to go through.

Let’s find them out together.

Plan Ahead and Research

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If you are truly an expert in the marketing field, then you know quite well how important researching is. However, this is the common mistake of many applicants. It is important to know that each employer/company looks for something specific. Sometimes it won’t be enough to have an impressive career. The more important thing is to match with the potential employer.

So, how to do that exactly?

First of all, use the benefits of the Internet just like you were using them before. Visit the company’s website and research their mission, vision, and goal. Try to realize which keywords would impress your potential employer while reading your resume. Despite that, it would be great to mention some of the things that you found out about them. In that way, the employer will see that you truly invested time to split from the masses.

The Resume Needs to Be Engaging

As we previously said, you need to get out of the box and split from the masses in that way. In other words, you need to be creative.

Every employer expects from a digital marketer one simple thing – concise and effective communication. If you have this characteristic, it would not be difficult to engage with your audience. That is the reason why you need to write a resume in the same manner.

Be Precise

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You already know that digital marketing is a huge field. Because of that, you need to be precise. The employer wants to find and add a specific skill to his team. That’s why you need to show that you possess those exact skills. For example, if the company is looking for an SEO writer, then you should send them examples of your blog posts. On the other hand, if he is looking for a social media expert, then send him insights that will confirm your expertise.

Lead Them to Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you using LinkedIn? If the answer is no, we suggest you stop reading this article and make an account there. Every job hunter needs to have an account on this business platform. This especially counts when we talk about digital marketers. The Internet is their terrain and they need to prove that they know it very well.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job chasing. After highlighting all your special skills, tell them to visit your account there. There is one simple reason why you should do that. They won’t just see your skills and knowledge there; they will also have the chance to meet your personality. This is the very first step in making a trusty relationship with your further employer.

Always Use Analytics

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Well, a resume full of text can sometimes be monotonous. Because of that, you need to find a way to make it more interesting. Of course, we do not want to say that you need to overdo it with images. Yet, it is good to have a couple of them there.

Still, the images you will use need to have some value. More precisely, they need to show your credibility. That’s why you should add analytics that will confirm your success. For instance, there you should add pieces of data like conversion rates, ad reaches, CTR, etc.

Anyway, we mentioned in the text above; always add examples of your work. Phrases like “I am a professional digital marketer” won’t be enough.

Make the Structure Properly

The structure of your resume is equally important as the content of the resume. Maybe you wrote the most powerful and engaging resume of all time. Yet, if the content is hard for reading, then you won’t have many chances to get the job. The employer may stop reading the resume because of that.

Well, you have two different options here. The first one is to be creative once again and try to design your resume properly. Still, before doing that, go online and check which resume templates are the best ones.

The second option that you have is even better. Thanks to advanced technology, you now have resume builders online. You can find a huge number of them like that will make your life easier. The effectiveness of your resume would be better and you will save a lot of your time.

We believe that creating a resume is not tough at all. Start to think like an employer. Stay objective, read your resume once again and see if you would hire yourself.

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