How Much Does It Cost To Get A Custom Neon Sign For Your Gaming Room?

One of the most important rooms for an avid video game player is definitely the gaming room, which contains all the necessary details for a complete atmosphere and undisturbed gaming. A room fully equipped just for playing video games, whether on a console or PC, is probably the dream of every die-hard gamer.

If you think that only a console is needed for a gaming room, you are mistaken. No room is easy to equip, and the situation with the gaming room may be even more difficult. We can freely say that this is one of the most expensive rooms in your home.

The first thing you need to start with is the walls and the lighting. Since the eyes get tired of the monitor, it is recommended that the walls be white or in neutral, pastel shades. When it comes to lighting, it plays a big role in furnishing a room. The light should not be strong and the same rules do not apply to this room as to the others. In this case, less is more. Avoid chandeliers and strong lighting. When it comes to ceiling lighting, what gamers consider most appropriate is LED lighting that frames the room. If you also install a coving, you will get a dimmed light that will not bother you during the game.


However, today there is an even more practical and cheaper solution that will fit perfectly into any environment, including a gaming room – neon signs. Although they are no innovation in the world of lighting, these inscriptions were forgotten for a time. However, in the last few years, its popularity has become much wider than before. Neon signs have become an almost obligatory decor at weddings and other celebrations, and we can often see them in homes, both living rooms and bedrooms. In addition to beautifying the space, they are a perfect source of light – not too strong to bother the eyes, but still enough to illuminate the room and create a pleasant atmosphere. Best of all, you can order a form or text of your choice, or personalize it. It is for these reasons that the choice of gamers when furnishing a room is becoming more and more common. To find out more about it, visit this site.

When we talk about the price of neon signs, it varies from one manufacturer to another, as well as the complexity of making the desired sign, its size, and the amount of material used to make it. But let’s say the average price ranges from $ 250 – $ 1,500. Yes, you may at first think that this is quite expensive, but keep in mind the long lifespan of neon signs, which is 15-20 years. We would say this is a smart investment, right? In addition, if you stop playing games and want to redecorate the room for another purpose, this sign is something that will surely find its place in your apartment. It is important to emphasize here that the best option is to choose lighting in blue because the goal is to make the room moderately dark. It is for this reason that curtains play a big role. They should be long and completely remove the light source.

Today, in addition to neon, you can also find LED display signs, which are also very popular and high quality. However, when it comes to furnishing a room for gamers, we prefer neon signs because the light is “warmer”.


Now that we have solved the walls and lighting, we come to the choice of furniture. The quality of the gaming chair is of great importance for every gamer but also for every modern working man. Gaming chairs improve your player’s ability, and you achieve optimal seating comfort. Computer games often last for several hours, so it is important for your posture to sit comfortably – which is why a gaming chair is a very important and indispensable part of the gaming experience! A regular work chair can be used to start with, but a gaming chair is much more comfortable for longer sitting because its design is adapted to the position you have while playing the game, so the load on your back is minimal.

The TV, of course next to the console plays the biggest role. The ideal position in the middle of the wall, at the height of the gaming chair. Headphones, a microphone, a mouse, and other accessories are something that every gamer chooses according to their taste.

Even the most passionate players need a break from the game. The Lazy bag is perfect for short breaks! Add a few more shelves with your favorite games, a few framed posters, and your room is ready! Now all you have to do is invite the company and have a great time.


Today, it is possible to find hotels in the world with a room specially equipped for gamers. In addition to state-of-the-art computers and gaming equipment, the hotel provides all the other services that any more exclusive hotel has. In addition to rooms, you can use computers in the lobby where there are 12 computers arranged in a semicircle, just like in eSports arenas. In these rooms, you can either play or take a break from playing with your partner.

On the internet, you can also find a lot of suggestions on how to arrange a gaming room and what it is necessary to have in it.

Final thoughts

The functional role of lighting is extremely important because a properly lit space in which you work or stay makes it easier and faster to perform all activities. In each room, regardless of the need to install functional lighting, which ensures proper lighting and use of space, it is desirable to install decorative lighting. The play with light enriches the space and allows the space filled with the same furniture and colors to get a new expression. Lighting effects are the easiest way to change the experience of a space, and this is exactly the advice for everyone who wants to make quick changes to the interior.

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