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Top 4 Christian Organizations that Help Orphans

Today, almost 150 million children worldwide do not have a permanent home. The numbers are quite shocking with more than 15 million children orphaned due to AIDS, 500.000 children in America alone are in the foster care system, and 127.000 kids in the United State are waiting for adoption.

The numbers do make the issue seem insurmountable and for most of us – they are. However, there are people who care deeply – Christian organizations that help orphans. In this article, you will be able to read about these organizations that help orphaned children. Let’s take a look at the list:

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)

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The Christian Alliance for Orphans or CAFO for short is made up of 140 Christian ministries and a lot of individuals and churches across the US. The goal of the alliance is to equip and inspire Christians to reflect God’s heart for caring for orphans in foster care, adoption, and global care initiatives.

The organization fulfills this purpose by sponsoring the yearly CAFO summit, their Orphan Sunday campaign, as well as the Global Movements Initiative. The organization is committed to both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the waiting kids around the world.

Focus on the Family

On Focus on Family’s website, you can find various information about the one-day adoption recruitment events called “Wait No More”. These events which are held at the local churches across the country, raise awareness about the children in the United States foster care who are waiting for a family to adopt them. Additionally, to holding these events, they also provide valuable and useful post-placement resources for the families who adopted a child.

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Hope for Orphans

This organization help equip people and pastors in local churches to start ministries that would serve children in need. Hope for Orphans also provides curricula, workshops, materials, as well as conferences to further equip churches to care for orphaned children. By partnering with both Show Hope and Focus on Family, this organization helped create an awareness campaign that is called “Cry of the Orphan”.

HopeNow USA

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HopeNow USA focuses on showing the love of Jesus to orphans in Ukraine. They work with various orphanages to meet the children’s basic needs and at the same time, building a loving relationship with them. Most orphans in Ukraine are connected to their relatives who usually live in challenging and difficult circumstances. This organization tries to engage with them in order to renew their faith, by providing spiritual and practical support.

The Tim Tebow Foundation

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Tim Tebow Foundation’s Orphan Care Outreach has helped more than 850 orphans in five countries. The foundation who is also a partner with Show Hope awards financial grants, hence, more children waiting with special needs can find their families through adoption. The foundation has been working with Show Hope to award one adoption aid grant each month since 2013, impacting a lot of kids since then.


The organizations in this article passionately bring hope to orphans from all over the world. By working together or as individual companies, they are working towards the goal of bringing deep healing and hope to children and families awaiting children worldwide.

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