Living In Australia? What’s it Like Compared To USA?

It’s easy to draw parallels between Australia and countries like the United States. For starters, Los Angeles is a place that resembles Australia a lot. From blue skies to sunny beaches, LA is the perfect place for Aussies and vice versa. Secondly, Australians and Americans both speak the same language, although Aussies sound very different.

With all the similarities between both people, not many Americans know what’s it like living in Australia, while Aussies certainly have a clear idea of what goes on in America. So with all that said, we’re going to tell you what’s it like living in Australia.

There Are Crocodiles, But it’s Not What You Think


Australia is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the world. From deadly spiders to giant snakes to even scary crocodiles, when it comes to wildlife Australia has it all. But out of all, the predatory saltwater crocodile tops the list as the deadliest creature.

His terrifying death-roll is something that every animal, let alone man, should fear. But all those fears are exaggerated as there is a very slim chance that you’ll get into contact with one unless you’re living on a rock farm.

These creatures, however, live only in the northern tropics, and tourists get to see them from safe distances.

Aussies Love the Sun, Even Though it Might Kill Em


It’s safe to say that Australia is one of the hottest places on Earth. You’d be amazed that during the Australian summer of 2012/2013, formally known as “Angry Summer”, there were 123 weather records broken during a 90 day period. It was this year that the hottest day in Australian history was recorded, with temperatures more than 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees F).

But with all that said, Aussies love the sun and they love whether they’re swimming, running, surfing, skating, or just hanging at the beach. The beach is an Australian’s 2nd home, so they say, so don’t think you’ll enjoy the weather like in Canada, UK, or even the United States.

Before we continue with this article, we must mention that you must be eligible to immigrate to Australia if you wish to do so. To check if you are eligible or not make sure to click here.

You’ll be Mostly Living Near the Coast


While Australia is certainly massive, most people live near the coast. This is because seven of Australia’s capital cities are located along the coast. Almost 8 in 10 people live near the coast; in a 30-mile radius from the coast. Everything is centered on it, so it makes it no bran move to do so. Australians have a natural affinity for the oceans, and being close to the water certainly has its benefits.

Australians Love Fashion


Aussies have always had a thing for fashion, and it’s a well-known fact. Australia might be separated from most of the Western countries, but they are fully aware of what’s happening around them. From fashion to technology, Aussies pride themselves on keeping up with trends. But more so than others, they’re brave and like to try new things.

Experimenting with fashion is something that Aussies aren’t unfamiliar with. While they are superior in style-consciousness, they’re also savvy and bold in their fashion statements.

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