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5 Amazing Benefits of Cloud-Based CRM Systems

Today, when we log on to our computers and the Internet, everything we do is stored on a cloud thanks to the latest technology that supports cloud-based computing and digital operations. A shadow is a way of storing your data in an inexhaustible place, and you can keep adding space to it to expand the memory and everything that you save. That includes the data from your phone and your social media use as well. It would be safe to say that cloud-based CRM is here to stay!

On that note, it would be essential to cover the meaning of CRM as well as the context for cloud-based CRM. A CRM system is also known as the system for Customer Relationship Management. What does this mean? That brings in the following aspects:

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  • Recording and storage of contact information as well as data for your to pull up as and when you need
  • Keeping a record of all interactions so that you know the case history of each client at the mere tap of a button
  • Knowing what notification is to be sent to each customer in an automated fashion depending on the function that has just been completed as far as the interaction with the said customer goes
  • Connecting it with the relevant features so that you keep the team in a well-collaborated form

These are just as few of the things that are offered by CRM systems. Depending on the platform that you choose, you will get many features or only a few. For example, EngageBay and Agile CRM are some of the best known and most preferred platforms that offer a full suite of functions within the CRM system that they have built for all sizes of businesses. In this context, it is essential to choose a cloud-based CRM that will give you the best of all worlds – the storage size and the offered features as well.

Cloud-based CRM is a revolutionary thing that helps you host your CRM system from a cloud-based space so that running your app or your website should not be a labor-intensive task. The cloud CRM has several benefits that can be charted as below:

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  1. Location Does Not Matter: When you turn to a cloud-based CRM system, you are not committing yourself to a single location or an office. What you are doing is that you are making yourself ready to take on global operations – from anywhere. The size of your business does not matter because you have to launch the app on a cloud with the CRM system so that you can efficiently run all operations. The actual location does not matter, and effectively, you are not tied down to a single place or position. That also helps you to manage your team from any location. You can employ people from various parts of the globe, which increases your scope to get more and more skilled individuals instead of having to make do with those who are available in your chosen location.
  2. Make Your Business Scalable: With a cloud-based CRM system, you get to tap into the global market. That makes your business scalable more than anything else. Not only does the software and your tools get to grow with you, but you also get to employ employees from all over the globe, which gives you an advantage like none other. Your growing business needs, especially with a smaller business, can be supported with a cloud CRM that can meet the clients globally with a simple click and the automation of several functions. A cloud-based CRM system can be seen as quite an investment for growing your small or medium-sized business from anywhere in the world.
  3. Reliability and Dependability: A CRM system that is cloud-based will always give you ready information that cannot get lost or compromised easily. With a CRM system, you can be sure that the typical problems that one encounters in the course of running operations in an office with various softwares and methods for different functions, will not be experienced. An on-premise CRM model would also give you similar kinds of problems and bugs that can take up all your bandwidth when it comes to set up and other glitches. But with a cloud-based CRM system, all the tasks and information will be automated in a way that can help you avoid such bugs. You can also tie in these aspects with other functions like SEO, social media, email marketing, and so much more so that the entire platform takes care of several things and elements in your sales pipeline
  4. Integrations Galore: The cloud-based CRM gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to tying in various tasks, functions, and the members of the teams across multiple teams. That can lead to meaningful integrations that can span across all elements like marketing and customer interactions, among many others. With such alliances, you are not only saving the bandwidth of your team for higher and more complex tasks in the sales acceleration process.
  5. Budget-friendly: A cloud-based CRM is a very budget-friendly option. You do not have to invest in the servers and added server space to run your app. That could quickly help you scale your business that much faster, especially if you own a small or medium-sized enterprise.
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If you’re not already using a cloud-based CRM, what are you waiting for? EngageBay CRM is one of the best cloud-based CRM systems available in the market, which is really robust and very affordable. Whether a small business or a mid-sized company, it’s time to make the switch.

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