All about Bandung Bogor Bus Journey

The development of various tourist attractions in West Java and the increasing number of available public transportation access modes makes Bandung Bogor travel fun to visit. The city of Bandung itself is now growing into a city that saves millions of destinations. Gedung Sate, the Asia-Africa Museum, Bandung Square, and other tours are never empty of visitors.

Bogor, a mountainous city known for its cool climate, is located in the Province of West Java, Indonesia. Several mountains surround Bogor, making the land fertile with a calm and beautiful climate. For this reason, Bogor has been an agricultural area and a resting place since ancient times. During the colonial period, the Dutch called Bogor Buitenzorg which means ‘[a] safe and peaceful place. With so much to offer, it’s not surprising that Bogor is a tourist destination that many tourists and foreign tourists visit.

No less exciting, the city of Bogor in West Java, which is also quite close to the capital of Indonesia, is almost every day tourist arrivals. Zoos, rides for games, to culinary tourism are the main tourist destinations.

Travel Bandung Bogor does not always have to use private vehicles because there are many public transportation choices. Bus, travel, or train ticket prices exist for various destination cities in Indonesia.

The price of the Bandung-Bogor journey bus ticket also varies from affordable to premium class. With various fleet choices and amenities, bus ticket prices vary and you can choose as per your budget.

Bus Travel Bandung Bogor


With a distance of nearly 182 km, the journey from Bogor to Bandung takes around 3 to 5 hours, depending on your route. For public transportation, there are many options available. You can take advantage of the bus fleet or use travel services. Both of these services are available at various departure times and prices.

Bus options with are very smooth. You can choose from several bus operators, such as Sinar Shuttle, Aragon Shuttle, Lintas Shuttle, and Pasteur Trans, with bus tickets online that may vary from Rp75.000 to Rp120.000. The best part is that you can avail of attractive discounts and cashback when you book bus tickets online on redBus Indonesia.

To order a bus ticket or the price of a travel bus ticket, booking sites bus tickets online. You can also choose the departure time easily and practically. Moreover, with the promo or discounted bus ticket prices offered, it will save more travel costs.

What Makes Bogor Unique

  • Bogor is nicknamed the City of Rain for several reasons. The city is surrounded by three mountains: Mount Salak, Mount Gede, and Mount Pangrango. This causes orographic rain or rain that occurs in mountainous areas. Then, seawater from the Java Sea or the Indian Ocean carries a lot of water vapor and enters the Bogor area. Finally, the water vapor rises and immediately turns into rainwater. For this reason, Bogor is often flooded with rain, even in the dry season. Don’t forget to provide an umbrella when traveling to Bandung-Bogor.
  • Food Lover’s Paradise: Bogor is a culinary tourism lover’s paradise. The city has many specialties, such as Soto Kuning, laksa, fried bean sprouts, do clang, Cungkring, Asian, and drinks such as ice nutmeg and beer shakes.

Things to Do in Bogor


After buying a bus ticket, now is the time to list tourist attractions you will visit when traveling the Bandung – Bogor route. The coolness of nature and the delicious culinary delights in Bogor are the main attractions for tourists, such as:

1. Taman Safari

Precisely located in Cisarua, Puncak, Bogor, Taman Safari is a top thing to do in Bogor. Most exciting and fun, this is the only place where you and your family will be satisfied to see various types of animals and provide food directly, and there are attractions or shows on animals.

2. Jungle-Land Adventure Theme Park

Travel Bandung Bogor also has fun rides! This is the Jungle-Land Adventure Theme Park, a recreational park with more than 30 rides on 35 hectares. With the price of a bus ticket to Sentul City, you can be satisfied playing in Jungle-Land with your family.

3. Suryakencana Culinary Tour


Enjoying Bandung-Bogor travel is incomplete if you don’t taste the culinary tours on Jalan Suryakencana. Various types of delicious food and drinks are already legendary, such as Laksa Bogor, Lumpia Basah, Martabak Encik, Beer Kotjok Abah, and Asian Jagung Bakar.

4. Bogor Botanical Gardens

One of the most comprehensive and oldest gardens in Asia, this is the leading destination for tourists when visiting Bogor. Located in the city center, Bogor Botanical Gardens is open from 8 am to 4 pm with a ticket price of IDR 15,000 for local visitors and IDR 25,000 for foreign tourists.

5. Little Venice

Carrying a European-style feel, Little Venice is a popular tourist destination in Bogor. You can try the excitement of riding a canoe as if you are in Venice while enjoying the beautiful nature with the feel of the countryside.

In addition to these popular destinations, other mountainous natural attractions that you can visit include Curug Nangka Waterfall, The Jungle Waterpark, and many other touristy places that you may find yourself in while doing Bandung Bogor travel.

Some Tips for a Safe Travel Bandung Bogor


Before traveling to Bogor, here are some tips that will come in handy to make your travel safe and more comfortable.

  • Ensure to keep a few warm jackets, long sleeve shirts, and warm lower ones because Bogor is located in a mountainous area.
  • The weather in Bogor is pretty unpredictable, and it may rain during the day or evening. Keep some umbrellas and raincoats in your luggage.
  • Bring food, drinks, snacks, and even read books, so the trip is lively.
  • Also, provide equipment such as wet or dry tissues if you want to go to the toilet while traveling and personal medicines such as anti-nausea drugs if the road conditions are steep or at any time needed.
  • In addition to electronic money or debit cards, prepare enough cash to shop for souvenirs and food or buy tickets to tourist destinations.

A long or short vacation by buying a bus ticket to Bogor will still be fun. Plus, if you have plenty of time to explore other tourist attractions. With bus ticket prices that are pretty affordable, your holiday budget will be able to be allocated for other things to do in Bogor. So, happy holidays!

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