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How CRM for eCommerce is Changing Online Retail

Selling online in today’s cluttered space is challenging. But forward-thinking retailers are staying ahead of the curve and ever-changing climate of this arena by using technology to their advantage. This is found in things like their marketing software, shopping cart service, pay per click ads, funnel analyzers, eCommerce CRM, and even in consolidated shipping services that help retailers ship more products faster and for less.

While you may be familiar with many of these tools, the newest addition is a CRM for eCommerce. Here are several ways it helps retailers stay ahead of the curve.

Multichannel Functionality

One of the most advantageous features of a CRM for eCommerce like ReadyCloud is the cross-channel functionality. These CRMs plug into shopping carts and marketplaces to deliver all the information in one uniform dashboard for retailers. This helps retailers consolidate data and improve relationships across the board, while also learning more about their customers, products, trendsetters, shipping profitability and returns metrics.

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Organized Contact List

Unlike CRMs of the past, ones designed for retailers work differently. They create detailed customer profiles based on the eCommerce order activity. This means that each customer has an order timeline, has notes and has a way to be directly engaged by the retailer via newsletter and email marketing or internal communication to ensure a positive relationship and lifecycle.

Tasks and Team Management

We’ve all heard about popular messaging and team management services like Slack, but their functionality is limited in the terms of how they can help a back-office eCommerce team. This is where CRMs for eCommerce can help. Namely, because the messaging and team management is built-in to the backend.

This helps keep each team member on point for every group action. It’s almost better to think of these newer CRMs as complete software suites that help e-tailers better manage their online store.

Email Marketing

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If you’ve ever visited an online store and were offered a discount on your first purchase in exchange for signing up to receive their newsletter, then you’re well familiar with email marketing. On the flip side is how the retailer approaches each marketing message. That’s where eCommerce CRMs can be game-changing. For example, a CRM can help determine who to market to, all based on their order activity, average order value, shipping preference and even return rate. As you can imagine, this is a powerful feature that’s conducive to an influx in sales with each marketing message that’s pushed out.

Shipping & Returns

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Think back just a few years ago, and online retailers were forced to use several different types of software to effectively manage their business. But things have changed. Newer CRMs for eCommerce comes with available plugins or addons that give retailers integrated shipping software and returns management solutions.

As technology advances and the eCommerce industry grows, expect to see newer software solutions like this making strides. The end result is happier customers and more streamlined operations for online retailers. In the end, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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