How To Maintain Battery Health Of Your Electric Skateboard

In the era of new technologies, there has been a development in driving too. Besides the fact that today we have electric cars – we equally enjoy riding electric scooters or electric skateboards. The heart of each of these vehicles is the battery that provides the electric drive of the engine. When it comes to electric skateboards, we can say that almost everything depends on the battery. However, we need to know how to maintain the battery health of the electric skateboard.

Electric Skateboard: Your Ride of the Future

We all remember the famous movie Back To The Future – in which Michael J Fox does not get off the skateboard. Skateboards are back in fashion today, but they are a bit more in line with the modern age. Namely, electric skateboards are in trend today, which makes driving much easier – and makes this crazy ride even more interesting and dynamic. Today we have turned to some other values, so it is no wonder that electric skateboards are so popular. Namely, cars have become something we would like to avoid if we can. They pollute nature, they are expensive and are not healthy for you.

Bicycles are a little better, but they require pedaling – which also sometimes gets a little boring. But that’s why electric skateboarding is a great thing. For many, the electric skateboard has already become a new favorite city vehicle. Its maximum speed is about 30 km per hour on average – and many of them can cover the same distance with one battery charge. That’s enough for you to take a ride downtown and get home. Great, isn’t it?

Battery Maintenance


As we have already mentioned, the battery is the heart and driving force of the electric skateboard. Of course, it is also powered by an engine, but an electrically charged engine. Charging the engine is done by a battery that is lithium and, depending on the quality, can be very durable. According to, besides the quality of the battery itself – you need to know how you will be able to preserve it. So, it is significant to say that you should learn how to maintain the health of your battery – so that it lasts as long as possible.

Battery Life Span

The lifespan of the battery depends on many things, so you should know what to pay attention to.

The quality of the battery

Of course, the battery life depends primarily on the quality and the manufacturer. Today, Chinese manufacturers have the upper hand in the production of lithium batteries for electric skateboards. We can say that lithium-ion batteries are most often used for electric longboards or skateboards. In some way, they are all more-less approximately the same quality – and you can count on a lifespan of two to three years or 1000 battery charges. Of course, batteries are also the most expensive part of an electric skateboard, so you’ll have to shell out a significant amount of money when replacing them – but fortunately, replacing batteries is pretty easy, so you don’t have to worry.

The riding style you practice

Everyone who rides anything, from cars to bicycles to skateboards, has their riding style. In addition, some of us drive carefully and some recklessly. When riding a skateboard, we have additional factors such as the weight of the person riding or the terrain on which we ride the electric skateboard. All this affects the operation of the engine and indirectly the battery. Reckless driving leads to greater engine strain, plate stress – and of course, battery overload. Therefore, drive carefully and try to keep your battery longer.

The terrain you ride on

Of course, the terrain where you drive your electric skateboard is very important. It is not only significant for the duration of the skateboard – but also for the engine and battery. Uneven terrain, rocks, rain, wet weather and ponds, dirt and dust, and sand certainly hurt the engine. Then, to start the engine faster, it requires a larger aperture – which puts extra strain on the battery. The battery empties quickly, overheats – and won’t last too long if you practice this way of skateboarding.

Skateboarding frequency

All of you who ride an electric skateboard every day – may count on the fact that your battery will last shorter. Namely, as in the case of electric scooters – many use an electric skateboard to go to work or go downtown with it, and they do it every day. Certainly, in these situations, you cannot expect the battery to last indefinitely. Still, what you can count on – are at least a thousand battery charges in case you follow all the instructions on how to do it properly.

Don’t overheat your electric skateboard


When we talk about overheating, we don’t just mean the way you ride it – but also the storage of your electric skateboard. Of course, just like with other devices that have a battery, you must not expose them to changes in temperature. It is quite certain that it is very bad to leave an electric skateboard somewhere where it will be exposed to the sun – but also the drastic cold. Such conditions can lead to the failure of the battery, which can explode in the event of high heat. On the other hand, if it is exposed to very low temperatures – it can simply stop working and break down. Since the battery is a part of an electric skateboard that is expensive – make sure to store your electric skateboard properly.

The Bottom Line

We hope we have clarified some things for you regarding the proper maintenance of an electric skateboard battery. If you follow some of the basic suggestions, the battery will be long-lasting – and you will enjoy the fun that comes with this ride. With the beautiful weather ahead, you will have plenty of time to enjoy and perfect your e-skateboarding technique. You will see that it is not as difficult as it seems and we are sure that (if you haven’t already) you will improve your ride.

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