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5 Smart Reasons To Choose Costa Rica for Volunteering

Translated into English, Costa Rica means rich coast and the country has earned its name. Filled with breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife, and warm and friendly people, this festive and incredibly adventurous destination might the perfect place to visit if you want to have an amazing, yet extremely meaningful travel experience.

Although it is a country of great hospitality, it is also a place of great need, so here are five reasons to volunteer in Costa Rica.


Many people worry about safety when it comes to international volunteering, but Costa Rica has often named the safest country in Central America and is among the safest developing countries in the world. Costa Ricans appreciate the effort volunteers put into making other people’s lives better and it is why they will offer guidance and assistance to ensure one’s safety whenever it is possible, so you can rest assured that you will stay safe if you choose this destination.

Diverse Volunteer Work

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Help is needed everywhere from the valleys to the rainforest and you will be able to find numerous volunteer projects. Common projects include animal conservation, where you can work with and help sea turtles, volunteering at orphanages, and teaching English at schools in smaller communities.

Put some thought into choosing the most suitable one, consider what skills and knowledge you have to offer, and which project will most benefit your energy and time. For more information, you can visit

Friendly Culture

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You will always find Ticos – a commonly known name for the citizens of Costa Rica with smiles on their faces. Even the smallest bits of joy and good in their lives are extremely appreciated and they are very thankful for having a family and living in their country, always sharing everything they have with others.

A commonly known phrase ‘Pura Vida’ which translates to pure life has become a slogan for the country, used for saying hello, goodbye, for expressing excitement, and many more positive emotions. It is something you will hear quite often during your stay.

Spanish Language Immersion

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Spanish is the national language and volunteering in the country might be a great chance to learn its basics or perfect your skills if you already speak it. For beginners it is an excellent opportunity since Costa Ricans tend to speak clearly and slowly, are patient, and truly enjoy helping others in general.

Delicious Cuisine

Rice and black beans are staples of most traditional meals and are often served three times a day. The dishes are almost always prepared from scratch, using fresh ingredients. The cuisine highly relies on fresh fruits and vegetables and is known for being fairly mild.

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The most famous dish is probably the Gallo Pinto, but there are many more famous dishes to choose from. You can always expect to eat fresh tropical fruits wherever you go, such as coconuts, star fruit, mango, guava, and pineapples which are very sweet and considered among the best in the world.


Volunteer projects in Costa Rica can truly be considered once in a lifetime experiences. The country’s lifestyle is addictive, you will have a chance to connect with people while making a difference at the same time. Start improving the lives of others and have a unique journey by traveling to this beautiful country and volunteering on a project of your choice.

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