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The Top 3 Ways to Style Your Denim With Embroidery Patches This Fall

Are you curious as to how you can create a statement piece that speaks about empowerment? Have you ever heard about the timeless fashion classic that is denim and embroidery patches? If so, then you would know that the best way to wear a denim jacket would be to customize it with various patches that speak about how you are as a person. Embroidery patches are brilliant additions to your everyday attire, but do you know how to combine them?

With endless possibilities out there, we’re here to talk about three specific ways that you can style your denim jacket for this fall.

Embroidered Words

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Nothing speaks more about who you are than engraving those words on the back of your denim jacket. The brilliant thing about embroidery is the fact that you create and design whatever you like. Engraving a simple phrase such as “You Go Girl” will instantly create a memorable clothing piece.

Furthermore, this is the best way to separate from the crowd and draw even more eyes towards you. Another area where you can engrave your favorite phrase is the shoulder area. Engraving across the shoulder will remind you to be brave, stick to your beliefs, and get it done. When embroidering words, make sure to keep it simplistic as anything over the top could be seen as too much. But ultimately, you want to create something that will be fun and funky, so feel free to experiment.

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Flower Patches

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This fall, what better way to remember spring and summer than to have a rose ironed onto your denim jacket? A lot of people don’t like the colder months, and if you’re one such person, then this is the trend for you. But don’t limit yourself to only roses. As a matter of fact, you can pick up hundreds and even thousands of flower designs that will look just as good if not better. When it comes to embroidery, only you matter.

Pick the one that most suits YOU! Patches are used to personify you as a person, and only you can decide which one to place. For a pro-tip, you can choose to eighter sew the floral patch, or have it ironed. Both methods take very little of your time, and both bare excellent results.

Style Your Jeans

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When we talk about denim, we mean everything and not just jackets. Denim jeans, just like jackets, are excellent for embroidery additions. Customizing your jeans with embroidery patches gives you just about the same rebellious look. For scoring extra points, we suggest you channel your inner rock star and start sewing patches of your favorite music bands.

Combine that with a leather jacket and a studded bag and you got yourself a winning combination. If you want to go the extra mile and complete the look, grab yourself a matching scarf.

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