Baby Girl Names Starting With Sri

The Best Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Sri

We know that it is sometimes difficult for new parents to choose the right name for their child. There are many names out there, some are modern, some are more old-school, some are interesting, and some are very conservative.

Parents are often struggling to find the right name for their baby and they want it to be as beautiful as it can. We are going to share with you a list with the most interesting and most beautiful baby girl names that start with Sri, and there will also be an explanation of what every name means.

We hope that you will get inspired and find the perfect name for your baby girl.

Baby Girl Names Starting With Sri
  1. Sria – Happy
  2. Sriha – Flower
  3. Srija – One who creates
  4. Sriji – Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi
  5. Srilu – Beautiful
  6. Srima – Wish of God
  7. Srina – Calm
  8. Srini – Love
  9. Srinu – Attractive
  10. Sripu – Flowers
  11. Srita – Goddess Lakshmi
  12. Sriti – Path
  13. Srity – Old memories
  14. Sriya – Goddess Laxami
  15. Sriza – One who creates
  16. Sridha – Wealth
  17. Srigna – Order of Lord Vishnu
  18. Srijla – Beautiful
  19. Srithu – Moving
  20. Sridevi – Goddess Lakshmi
  21. Srijana – Creation
  22. Srijita – Creative woman
  23. Srijoni – Creative
  24. Srijoyi – Winner of beauty
  25. Srikari – Goddess Saraswati
  26. Srimati – Good knowledge
  27. Srimita – Beautiful friend
  28. Srimuki – One with a radiant face
  29. Srinaya – New beginning
  30. Srimoye – Goddess Lakshmi

There are many more names that start with Sri, but we decided to share with you these ones because they are the most beautiful and their meaning is very powerful. Hope you like the names on our list and that you will find something that will be perfect for your baby girl.

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