Microwave on Top of Fridge

Is It Safe To Put A Microwave On Top of Fridge?

There is no kitchen at the moment without a microwave; it is the must-have in every kitchen now because it is a practical appliance. If you are a busy man or woman with a tight schedule you do not have time for preparing the meals, and you obviously need a microwave in your kitchen.

The main question is where is the best spot for the microwave in the kitchen. If you renovate or make an entirely new kitchen where will you put your microwave? On the counter, on the island, or on top of the fridge? Is it safe to put a microwave on top of the fridge?

Microwave on Top of Fridge
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On these questions and many more, we will try to give you the answers in this article just continue reading.

If you have a microwave in your kitchen you know that you will have a hot meal in two minutes, just put some frozen food from the store in it. You also must know that microwaves do not heat the food like the ovens because they do not heat up the air, the microwaves pass through the food container and do all the work. The microwave heats food much quicker but also that food will cool down much quicker than the food made in the oven.

The best spot for the microwave in your kitchen is on the counter or in the cabinet but if you have a small kitchen or you do not have enough space for microwave, there is always a solution to put your appliance on the top of the fridge. Is this a smart decision or not?

If you are looking for a technical solution this is not the smartest choice. The fridges are high, and when you put a microwave on the top you will not see the clearly the controls and the food inside. Some of the containers with food are heavy and it is not recommended to lift heavy food above your head. In fact, expert home designers like Kaechle don’t always agree with having a microwave on the refrigerator.

Maybe it is a smarter move for you to buy a microwave rolling cart and tuck it into the nearest corner in your kitchen. When you need to microwave the food just roll out the cart and heat the food.

Microwave on Top of Fridge
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The performance of your fridge can be affected by the microwave because they generate heat, and the fridge must stay cool. If you have children how they will reach microwaves when you are at work and make the food?

When we are talking about the functions of the appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators, they need to have a large enough circuit wiring that can carry the necessary power.

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