Do Anti-snoring Mouthpieces Really Work – 2024 Guide

Although snoring is often portrayed as something funny, those who sleep with a snoring person know there’s nothing funny about it. It is the reason people lack quality sleep, and it can also be the reason why they experience tiredness and frustration.

What causes snoring?


Snoring can be caused by so many factors most often one being your lifestyle, but also by more serious medical problems. Potential medical conditions are the reason why it is important to try to find out the cause as soon as possible so the problem can be adequately treated.

Most people just accept it as a normal thing, but snoring can indicate that something is really wrong. Ignoring the problem puts your health at risk, and in addition, causes quarrels with the household members. It can be a signal for various breathing disorders, such as apnea, or loss of breath during sleep several times during the night.

The reason can also be obesity or the accumulation of fat tissue in the neck area, which presses on the neck and therefore causes snoring. Also, aging can affect increased snoring, but sometimes it is just the way people are.

It has been noticed that usually, women tend to complain about their partner snoring. It is because men have slightly narrower airways than women, which makes snoring automatically associated with men.

In the majority of cases, snoring can be treated simply by changing life habits. For instance, this phenomenon is also affected by the position in which we sleep, by smoking, alcohol, and various medications, as well as, of course, problems with the nose and sinuses. Giving up one of these habits will do the trick when it comes to reducing snoring.

If none of the above works, there are so many products available that can help reduce or completely solve your problem. Here are a few:

  1. Sprays – many have said they really work. Sprays can be bought in just any pharmacy, and when applied to the throat area, they manage to calm the snoring vibrations. Most are plant-based, so no need to worry about the side effects.
  2. Nose anti-snoring devices. These have a special task to widen the nostrils, so the air can travel through them without any obstructions, making breathing noiseless.
  3. Pillows. Some have experienced snoring relief by using anatomic pillows, which is why you will often hear about it in the commercials selling this kinda stuff.

There are countless other products available, giving the fact that this issue has been bothering many couples since forever. However, one particular invention that has been promoted lately, and that is reviewed quite positively are the anti-snoring mouthpieces.

For those who wonder if they work or not, we have prepared this guide. Let’s evaluate.

How do these mouthpieces work?


Mouthpieces are generally are divided into two categories, devices for moving the lower jaw (mandible), and devices for retaining the tongue. Jaw-moving devices move the lower jaw forward, while tongue-holding devices, as the name suggests, hold the tongue in place and prevent air blockage.

If you are considering buying a mouthpiece, there are certain things you need to consider. The ones working on your lower jaw are created individually and shaped according to the teeth of the user. However, one thing people are complaining about is that they can cause physical discomfort. Tongue holding mouthpieces are cheaper and cause less inconvenience, but their design of equal sizes may not be suitable for some users.

Both have their plus and minuses but don’t lose hope yet, because there are some products that may have more positive reviews than others. As mentioned above, most mouthpieces working on your lower jaw are molded to your mouth. However, according to some come with a universal design that automatically adapts to the mouth. This is accomplished using an articulated design that eliminates the need to push the jaw forward and thus prevents the pain or discomfort that is usually caused by standard ones.

All in all, when you read the explanation above, it is really hard to say such mouthpieces don’t do the trick.

Another common mouthpiece seen in the movies and commercials is the one looking similar to the tooth guards boxers and professional fighters use for protecting their teeth. It’s a kind of dental braces that works by holding your complete jaw in one place, motionless, so to say. The position is fixed and therefore the airflow inside the mouth is regulated. Thus, no snoring happens. People like them because, as stated above, similar to the tooth protectors they are made of pleasant materials like polymers. Aside from snoring, they can also relieve you from sleep apnea. So they have multiple positive effects.

If by now you are still not convinced mouthpieces can prevent snoring, before you buy one, try the tooth protector during your afternoon nap and test for yourself.

Snoring can be prevented by a couple of simple things


Although anti-snoring mouthpieces are excellent, and surely do the trick, not all people are in need of such products. Before you think your condition is too serious and needs urgent treatment, check if you’re just in need of some good old rest. This goes especially for those who experience snoring recently. First, try moisturizing. The airways should be kept moist enough to reduce friction and thus snoring. Nasal rinsing is the right technique for this, and it is also very invigorating, so it is recommended even for those who do not snore. Also, one should drink enough water so that the throat does not remain dehydrated.

Humidifying the space you sleep in especially on winter days is also helpful. There are also throat sprays that contain a lubricant that may help, you can inquire about them at the pharmacy.

Don’t let your health suffer because of snoring. It is important that you get a good night’s sleep because sleep, along with food, water, and air, is a basic human need.

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