3 Best Ways To Learn German

Learning a new language is always a challenging thing to do. You have to understand everything from the basics. However, even if you learn the grammatical rules and vocabulary, it would still be difficult to speak like a native. Therefore, you should try out different methods and listen to the native talks. Only then it would be beneficial for you.

But wait,

The most important thing is the language and the level that you need. The German language has a lot of words that are similar to their English names. Therefore, it will be easier for you to get a hold of it.

Furthermore, your learning skills also depend on the level that you need. If you are moving to Germany for educational purposes, the level will be different. Likewise, if you are going for the sake of employment, the learning level will be different.

You can have a look at the German language course levels and proficiency tests at You will have all the information on the proficiency levels and the need for language proficiency for study purposes, for work, for being a resettler and for family reunification. Furthermore, if you know the basics and want to check for your knowledge, you can check your skills by going to

However, if you are a completely new user, you will need to start from the basics. So what you can do to improve your learning and get a grasp of the language fast?

Here are some tips for you.

Why do you need to learn it?


The first and most important question that you need to ask yourself is the reason for learning the language. The reason will help you out in the selection of the right method. Here are some of the reasons;

  1. If you are planning to move to Germany and need to talk to other people.
  2. You have German kids and you want to teach them their language
  3. So that you can get a job and settle there. Germany has one of the strongest economies and therefore, people are eager to go there to find a job.
  4. Germany is in the heart of Europe. So if you are a frequent traveler, this will be of great help.
  5. You want to read classical books and literature or watch their TV shows
  6. For study purposes or to get a scholarship for higher studies

All these reasons will determine the level that you need and the method that will be best for you.

For example, if you want to settle there, you would need to learn the native language. How the natives speak to each other. And the best way to do so is to live in Germany. However, if you are unable to do so and you are currently in your country, there are other ways. You can start watching their TV shows, dramas and movies. They are of great help in teaching you the accent and pronunciation of words. Moreover, the native way of speaking and greetings.

And here are some useful tips for you.

1. Start watching German TV programs


The best way of learning a language is through listening. If you listen carefully, you will be able to learn quickly. Therefore, when you are learning a new language, you have to pass the listening test too. And to do so, you need to listen to people talking. That is why understanding the accent and pronunciation is quite important.

You can find various TV programs to listen to. For example, if you want to learn the formal way of talking, you should listen to News channels. Likewise, if you want to learn informal and native speakers with different accents, you should try dramas and movies. You can always watch them with subtitles and that makes it easy for you to enjoy the program as well as in learning the language.

Likewise, if you want to improve your vocabulary, you should try watching documentaries. All such programs will let you know the different communication styles and speaking dialects. Furthermore, you will get a wide vocabulary too.

2. Start taking lessons


If you have a plan to go to Germany in the future, you can depend on TV programs. However, you cannot completely learn the language through them. They are good for learning dialects and native way of speaking.

But if you need to pass a test and you do not have much time, take tutoring lessons. You can find tuition centers where they teach different languages. In addition to physical classes, you can also take online practice sessions. There are various online tests available, you can test your skills there.

Signing up with a teacher is the best solution for you. A person with a firm grip on language can teach you well. Therefore, instead of self-learning, you should seriously take lessons from a tutor. Although it is not right to skip self-learning completely. You have all the time to learn so try spending it in a positive way.

3. Use words in your everyday life


Another great and effective way of learning is through practice. Practice all you can and you will master the language in no time. You can read the language, learn vocabulary and do everything you can. But if you cannot speak, it is of no use.

Therefore, you should pay attention to your speaking practice too. Try using the words in your everyday speech. If you are not living in Germany, it would be difficult for others to understand you. Therefore, instead of talking to others, you should use words when you are alone. Like, you can try practicing a speech or telling a story or practice acting.

You can find scripts and documents online. Likewise, there are videos available too. All you need to do is to play the video and start speaking. It is just like Karaoke. But this will be of great help to you and a fun experience of learning.

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