Is it Better to Paint or Replace the Window Trim?

Looking at your windows and thinking they need an upgrade? Well, it could be about time. If you’ve lived in the same house for a long time or moved into an old house, your window trims could do with a retouch.

Upgrading your window trims requires either repainting or replacing. With repainting, it won’t cost you as much but there is some extra work like sanding and taping. With replacing trims, you will get an upgrade but cough more.

Let’s take a look at each separately, shall we?

Painting window trims


Painting window trims will greatly improve the general view of the house. It’ll be more attractive and appealing to the eyes. You can paint window trim, but you want to be careful what type of paint you use, especially in regards to exterior vinyl window trim. But the costs of painting trim in a standard house can go as high as $1500. So, what drives up the cost of window trims? Let’s take a look;

Size of the windows

With most quotes you’ll get, the cost of painting trim is usually measured in linear feet. The cost of painting one linear foot goes for about $1-$6. Thus, the bigger or more windows you have, the higher the cost.

Types of moldings

The more elaborate molds will cost you more. Things like transoms, ornate, double windows, and sidelights will drive the costs insanely high.

Work involved

Every good painter will tell you, it’s more than just the paint. Before they get spraying, there is a lot of work that goes into the background. We’re talking about sanding, taping, and things like that. The more the work, the higher the bill.

Level of difficulty

Some windows are more difficult to paint than others. Depending on location and general design, painting some trims may be more difficult than others, hence the difference in prices.

Replacing window trims


Where painting is not an option, getting a totally different trim can give your house a much-needed facelift. The cost of getting window trims varies and is affected by the following;

1. Type of material

The materials used in the trims are either wooden, vinyl or aluminum. With each material, there are both high-end and low-end materials. For instance, when it comes to wood, pine is cheaper than mahogany.

2. Labour

The cost of replacing window trims is charged differently. If you get a well-known brand, they will charge you more. You can pay as much as $70 an hour to get your trims installed.

3. Size of the windows

It goes without saying that the size of the window will depend on the overall cost. From the number of materials, you’ll have to purchase to the time it takes, bigger windows demand more money.

Is it cheaper to repaint or replace trim?


This is one of those tricky questions that many homeowners face. According to HomeGardenGuides painting your trims will give your house a new leash while replacing them will come with new designs. Getting it right with the trims goes a long way in improving the overall look of your house.

Trimming around the doors and windows can also be a challenge. Without the proper tools and knowledge on how to complete the job, many DIYers end up disappointed with the quality of their work.

Another key reason not to do the installation yourself is because of the health risks involved. Vinyl sidings are known to contain some toxic chemicals like chlorine and dioxin that are harmful to your health.

Here are factors to consider when deciding between painting and replacing trims;

1. Age of the house

If a house is too old or has been there for a while, it’s better to replace the trims. This is mainly because repainting over old paint may not last long. It will take more to repaint old window trims.

2. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the trims? It’s cheaper to repaint than replace trims but there are times when replacing works better.

3. Change of design

Do you want to change the design of the trims or not? If you want to stick with the trims as they are, it’s easier to repaint. But if you’re looking to change the design altogether, it’s wise to replace the trims.

4. Who does the job?

Now, here goes a tricky question; do you want to replace or repaint the trims on your own, or do you want to call in the professionals? It’s cheaper to repaint or replace your trims than call in the professionals if you know how to do it.

So, is it easier to repaint or replace the window trims? It depends on your particular situation. Generally, it’s easier to repaint than replace trims. But, there are cases where repainting is more expensive than replacing thanks to individual aspects of a window (size, undertone work, mold structure, etc)

Best Paint for exterior window trim


Painting, on paper, looks like an easy task. Pick the color paint, clean the surface, get the gear and start painting. Right? Well, we’re sorry but it’s much more complicated than that. You have to consider the type of surface, type of paint, painter, and more. To create a subtler contrast, choose an exterior trim color that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your siding color. Combining shades from the same color family highlights your home’s architectural details without going too bold. Check out these examples below;

Vinyl Trims

Vinyl in window trim is important as it’s durable. But painting vinyl trims requires careful consideration. For starters, vinyl does not do well in cold months as it wraps and peels off. On top of that, vinyl tends to expand with time which might cause a few issues. To this end, you need acrylic or latex paint that adjusts well to these changes.

Wooden trims

When it comes to wooden trims, it’s easier to paint wooden trims than vinyl trims. There is a lot of work that goes before the actual painting. You need to scrape, wash and peel off old paint, then apply undercoats before you get the main point.

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