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5 Tips to Be Effective in Playing a LoL Game

Multiplayer online battle arena video games might be a great deal of fun, but they are also very overwhelming for many players. One of the most popular MOBA games is League of Legends. This game isn’t a typical game, but it requires you to have plenty of information in order to play it better. Some players want to take a shortcut by opting to buy lol boost from You wouldn’t want to play LoL on a professional stage, against experts in the game, and with absolutely no idea what to do at all. That’s why we decided to share with you 5 tips which will help you be effective in playing League of Legends and become a better player than ever before. 

1. Pick a Role

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One of the most important things to do when playing League of Legends is to pick a role that suits your style of playing a game. Hence, you can choose to be an aggressive attacker or just stand back and support your team. You can choose from multiple roles and when you make the right decision, playing the game will be easier and far more effective. The five roles you can find in LoL include:

  • Top
  • Jungle
  • Mid
  • Bot
  • Support 

The most popular roles are Mid Laners and Jungle. What’s also important to note is that when playing this video game, you should look for champion synergies. This means that in order to come out on top, you should have a decent amount of skill and in-game knowledge, as well as, look for synergies within your team comp. You should never be afraid to experiment with different units and find a strategy that reflects your style of playing games. 

2. Don’t Stick to One Build

When playing LoL, you play with the champions and builds that are incredibly strong. Nevertheless, the possibility of getting that specific champion every game is low, especially if you’re trying to rely on the RNG nature of each round. This means that if your only win conditions are about securing various Imperial units for their double damage bonus, it is very likely that you will face difficulties during rounds where these units don’t appear. Boosts from reputed sites like can help you at this stage.

Therefore, it is always better to build a balanced team around the five champions you can purchase each round. By doing so, you can expand your win conditions, win more games, and destroy those that fail to adapt to their surroundings.

3. How to Kill Minions

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Many players don’t pay much attention to minions. However, these ineffective little bots are like lambs sent to the slaughter and you have to learn how to kill them. By killing minions in an effective way you can gain an upper-hand on your opponent and get as much gold as possible. You should learn how to do the last hit as this will give you gold. By getting more gold than your opponents, you’ll be able to get more items and power. can help you get more gold. Additionally, killing minions properly will help you gain a CS lead over the enemy Support, and also give yourself some solo experience. Nevertheless, holding the minion wave is very situational and you can only do it at certain times of the game.

What’s more, you can even purchase a smurf LoL account, which is a lower level/ranking account than your main one. You can visit to buy a smurf LoL account and start playing with your friends within minutes. Hence, by buying League of Legends accounts in different regions, you can easily play in many ranked leagues.

4. Level Up Your Champions and Use Your Items

If you want to effectively play LoL, you should definitely consider leveling up your champions. You can easily do so by combining three of the same champion. This will help you gain a two-star copy of that champion. So, you’ll grant your champion additional health, attack damage and boost their ability. Additionally, combining three two-star champs will reward you with an even more powerful three-star version of that champion. You might not be aware but three-star champions come with huge amounts of health and damage. Thus, you completely level up their ability. 

That’s why it might be best if you decide to buy three of the same champion when you see them in your store. This will be incredibly potent and these three-star champions can win trades against multiple low-level units due to their increased stats. In late-game three-star units, the champions can greatly increase your chances of getting yourself a dominant victory.

Playing League of Legends includes purchasing champions, planning the best strategy, and leveling up units. However, when doing all this you should never forget to purchase items and make good use of them. This will help you get way ahead of your opponents. 

The game currently features many items, which are divided into different tiers: basic, advanced, and finished. Basic items require no other items to be purchased. Advanced items have a specific recipe that must be completed to buy them. Finished items similar to advanced items as they also require components, but they cannot be built into anything further. There are now over 175 items available in the game.

5. Positioning

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Last but not least, League of Legends is a game of positioning and timing. Hence, many fights end up being decided on these two factors. So, if you want to be effective in playing this video game, you should pay close attention to your positioning, which is incredibly important. This means that you need to carefully place your units on the board, which is crucial when you try to take down your opponent. 

Therefore, it might be best to take part in a fight from favorable positions. Here is an example of how that should look like. In order to provide dominance to your team, you should enemy into fights where they have must enter blind spots with no vision, such as by baiting Baron or Dragon. Likewise, take advantage of the home court and fight near your walls. This will give you the mobility of an extra entrance and it’s an excellent strategy during an enemy siege. The Guerilla tactics mean taking advantage of fighting when the enemy isn’t grouped/organized. 

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