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How To Switch To A Better Option Of Internet Providers?

It can either be because you realized that you’re paying more than what you’re getting back or it can be because you are oh just so done with all the buffering and ‘your internet connection is too slow’ notifications that you think it’s finally time to switch your internet providers.

Although, it is quite a simple task yet many find it confusing and too much to get done with. At times, even after making the decision to switch we find ourselves being very lazy to just switch. Here’s a 7 step guide to help you change your internet providers with ease.

1. Choosing an Internet Service Provider

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If you are reading this article then it means there’s a reason you even thought of clicking it open, right? What drove you to do so? Is it because you want a faster internet connection? Do you need more upload speed or a no data cap agreement? Is it because of the bill? Do you need a non-contractual ISP?

If you know the answer than congratulations you already know what exactly do you want in your next internet service.  If you don’t then stop for a moment and think about the features that you would prioritize in your internet connection. For more information

How many of your devices use the internet? Do you plan on connecting them all to the internet on a routine basis or would it fluctuate as per your need? Everything has to be taken into consideration here.

You can go through various FAQs to help you figure out which internet best suits you.

2. Termination Fees; what to know about it?

When you signed up for internet service – chances are then you signed a contractual agreement which (in most cases) makes it very difficult to just move onto another service provider. There’s an early termination fee that might come your way if you are planning to end the sad internet trip before it’s legal to date – this will lead to extra fees upon cancellation, therefore.

If you don’t remember your contract’s key points, the best thing to do is to obviously find it either in your emails or wherever you save your important documents.

3. Internet Service Providers in your area

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Your internet quality and quantity depends on your ZIP code, in all honesty. Your broadband type alongside the provider depends on it. You can check which internet providers are available in your area by clicking on the “best internet providers” mentioned below.

Once you do so – remember to put in your ZIP/ area code etc. to narrow down the search for exact options.

Find the Best Internet Providers in your area.

4. Choose an ISP

By this step, you should be aware of all the service providers that you can actually choose from. If you don’t then better try Step 3 again! Make a list of ISPs available in your area and weigh them. Compare each one and give them each points out of 10 to remember which ones you liked better.

In the end, you can choose which provider will be best for you. However, before deciding to do so – here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Data caps – the best option would be a no-cap internet. If you don’t use that much internet then go for limited caps.
  • Monthly Cost – make sure you pay for only as much as you need. No point being gluttonous about a service when you won’t be able to use it to its fullest.
  • Hidden Costs – some ISPs have hidden costs. Be sure to read the contract, in order to know how many benefits you’ll get from it. While some providers set you up with zero cost, others might charge you up-front.
  • Upload/Download Speed – the more upload or download speed you have, the more easily all your devices can stream at a fast speed.
  • Bundling Options – many of us use TV as well as phone services, therefore, bundle deals are our best options.

5. Contacting your current ISP

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Most companies put in a lot of effort into customer retention. Therefore, you can use it to your advantage by calling in your current internet service provider. Tell them that you are thinking of switching your provider and what are your options with them. They will try their best to accommodate you to quite a level. Let them try to spoil you with their sweets.

If they don’t try anything then just move on, it’s as simple as that. If sad for them that they don’t know how to keep their customers.

6. Pledge to the new ISP

Yes, now is the time to call up your internet service provider of choice and let them know that you want to tie a knot with them for the sake of a better internet. One of the best things to do is to set up your new internet connection before getting rid of the prior ones. This way it won’t affect your productivity or routine tasks that are dependent on the internet.

7. Severing the ties with the prior internet service

Now that everything else is set – go ahead and cut the cord with your old service providers. However, before ending it with them make sure you have found the other service. This way the process wouldn’t get too frustrating for you – nor would you have to give up on your daily dose of Netflix, etc.

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