5 Things To Know About ZTE And 5G Technology

In recent years, the term 5G technology has often been mentioned. According to developers, this technology should revolutionize our lives and enable numerous advances in medicine, technology, telecommunications, and beyond. One of the companies that are considered as one of the leaders in the development of 5G technology is ZTE. This company is already well known for mobile phones. However, in recent years, ZTE has directed its capacities towards the development of 5G technology in other directions as well. What are the 5 things we should know about ZTE and 5G technology? Here are some answers.

What Exactly Is A 5G Network?

The 5G (fifth generation) network is simply the next step in the development of internet technology. The 5G network promises speeds above 1 Gbps, which is dozens of times faster than the current 4G network can achieve. In other words, this means that instead of the current few minutes it takes to download one episode of the series, with a 5G network it would only take a few seconds.


Significance Of 5G Technology

Do you have any idea how useful this technology can actually be in almost all areas of life? This is not just a question of the speed of downloading movies – but can sometimes be a matter of life as well. Just imagine a patient in the operating room in a life-threatening condition. The operation is performed by a team of doctors, some of whom may be thousands of kilometers away. However, 5G technology allows them to be present in an operating room via mobile communications in real-time. The revolutionary significance of this new technology cannot be ignored. Still, we face the opinions that evaluate this new technology with prejudice – without understanding its true dimensions. According to ZTE5G, leaders in this area are trying to break these prejudices by breaking into the global market. They are doing it by working on global awareness about the benefits of 5G technology. Here are some facts you should know about ZTE and 5G technology.

5 Things You Need To Know About ZTE And 5G Technology


1.    ZTE Does Not Bind Only To Smartphones

ZTE is a Chinese company that is one of the leaders in the 5G market. Still, although best known for mobile phones, it is far from their ambitions when it comes to the development of 5G technology. Today, this company has over 75,000 employees, of which more than a third are employed in the departments of research and development of 5G technology. They have expanded their business network to more than 150 countries around the world. Their ambitions today include other smart devices such as smart vehicles, power distribution networks, automated production, smart home appliances, etc.

2.    Conflicts In The 5G Market

Just like 5G technology itself, the developers of this technology are also hit by claims of those who think differently. On the one hand, we have those who are opponents of 5G technology. Many people, simply out of ignorance are intoxicated by prejudices. They are fans of various conspiracy theories – which is completely wrong. On the other hand, we also have economic interests – which explains the numerous conflicts in interstate and intercompany relations. It is known that the USA and China are in the race for the construction and development of the 5G network. This is conditioned by the fact that it means a large number of new jobs and economic empowerment. However, these problems are slowly subsiding. It is believed that each of these countries with its own innovation and development capacity will be able to find its place in the world market.


3.    Prejudices Related To 5G

Various conspiracy theories have been developed around the 5G network. The latest one is related to the coronavirus pandemic – where some people claim that the virus is spreading through the 5G network. They don’t know or care that it’s scientifically impossible. However, science and experts strongly deny such allegations. Many experts claim that 5G technology will open the door to a new technological era of human development. Numerous opportunities are already being mentioned that will open up for science, medicine, and industry.

4.    How Will Using 5G Technology Help Us?

The application of 5G systems is especially important in areas where the speed of the signal or a large amount of real-time data transmission is required. Here are some of these areas:

●      Telemedicine

The 5G network is extremely important for the transmission and processing of medical signals. Operations have been performed remotely for many years – but with 5G, it is safer because the delays almost don’t exist.

●      Virtual reality

5G is also important in this area because it enables education and practice on models for processes that are dangerous or complicated. For example, the pilot is trained for special operations in virtual, instead of real conditions – which is much safer.

●      Remote control in agriculture

Thanks to 5G we can have crop control and remotely controlled, automated activities related to irrigation, dusting, and artificial fertilization of crops. This would prevent excessive fertilization and protect birds, bee butterflies from poison – and of course, us humans, who use and process those crops.


5. Disadvantages Of 5G Network

As with any other new technology that develops, besides the good sides – there are also negative or less good sides. One of the main disadvantages of the 5G network is the coverage it provides. One node emitting a 5G network signal covers a much smaller area than a tower emitting 4G. Therefore, the infrastructure of the 5G network requires significantly more nodes that will emit a signal compared to the existing network.

The Bottom Line

5G is not a utopian future, but a technology that is close to becoming the standard. Predictions say that by 2025, about two-thirds of the planet will be covered by the 5G signal. Currently, the largest 5G networks are located in China and South Korea – but also in the US, where all major operators have already started testing the 5G network.

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