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What Is Yellow Fever – Fetish Or A Real Need?

Do you know what”yellow fever” is?

We’re not talking about the virus literally. Still, it is a phenomenon that is spreading almost like an epidemic.

What Is Yellow Fever?

This tendency occurs when men feel sexually attracted to women of Asian descent. This phenomenon often takes hold and sometimes even becomes a fetish. Of course, “every merchandise has its customer.” Therefore, it’s not surprising there are specialized sites where men can find partners according to their affinities. Asian women are known to be perceived as desirable partners. In fact, the latest figures from the 2.4 million Facebook dating app users say a lot. These data show the preference of men of different racial groups for women of East Asian descent.

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Sexual freedom

Many Caucasian males often recommend Asian girls to their single mates. The additional bonus they emphasize is that Asian women are far more sexually open-minded. This is only partially true. Specifically, when it comes to choosing a sexual partner, men still largely follow the tradition. Speaking of tradition, the high sexuality of Asian nations is always emphasized. Starting from ancient “sex manuals” to famous geishas.

Sexuality is generally considered rooted in the Asian tradition, and hence probably this understanding. In addition, Asian women are considered more humble and submissive. This is exactly what certain men aspire to, regardless of the modern age in which we live. This is also the reason why certain men turn to search for partners through specialized websites. According to some websites, the best-ranked Asian women are Chinese and Korean. For more information, click here

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Although there’s a high level of social integration throughout the world, there is still a higher rate of white men’s interest in Asian women than vice versa. In some sort of way, a part of this bias is turned to the aesthetics. Some recent studies on facial attractiveness have shown that Asian women are at the top of the list.

That could not be said for the Asian men who scored much lower. It is interesting to note that the results between the black and white population didn’t show much difference. Although some gender or sexual affinities exist, few have acquired any epithet like “yellow fever”.

The Most Popular Ones

In recent years, online dating sites have become a sanctuary for anyone looking for a partner or a soulmate. The data from these sites that support the popularity of Asian women among Western-born male members. We must admit that Asian women are definitely beautiful and very exotic. But who is the most beautiful of the most beautiful?

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The information from dating sites says those are Chinese, Korean and Thai women. It might be the reason behind the rise of Thai dating sites the last couple of years like ThaiFriendly, ThaiCupid and others.

Of course … it all depends on your affinity. Each of you first wonders what his priorities are. That is why there are many differences in these categories of women. Many of them depend on the geographical influence, lifestyle, temperament of social and cultural values to which they aspire, etc.

Ultimately … A girl who will be perfect for you doesn’t have to look perfect to others. Which one you choose depends solely on you. Whether you will find love online or meet her on the street depends on the circumstances. In any case, if Asian women are what suits your affinity – go ahead! We hope you find your Asian princess.

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