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4 Great Tools To Record Your Next Adventure

Because we only live once, there are tons of amazing stuff and sceneries that we only see once in our lives. While many of us use a phone to record the moment, we often missed the chance to appreciate the actual event but over-focused on the tiny 6-inch screen. What if you can record the moment while you immerse yourself in it?

Brought to you by – the authorized distributor of DJI products in Australia, here are the 4 tools that you can bring along on your next adventure.

Best small-form-factor camera – OSMO Pocket

The OSMO Pocket is one of the smallest gimbal-stabilized cameras on the market currently. While being small enough to store in the pocket of your jeans, the pocket can start recording as soon as you press the button.

The form factor is exceptional not to distract everyone from their excitement while you can record it in 4K 60 fps professional-grade video format. The renowned stabilization from DJI also meant the shake from the excitement of your hand will not affect the camera in recording the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Best action camera – OSMO Action

If you are a more extreme sports person or looking for a robust camera to record your first-person adventure, the OSMO Action cannot be more suitable for you. Within the tiny rectangular casing, the OSMO Action-packed every feature you are looking for in an action camera, including 4K HDR video, 8x Slow Motion and RockSteady video stabilization.

With HDR capabilities, sudden sunshine through the trees will not stop the OSMO Action in recording your cross-country ride, while the 8x Slow Motion can tear down your airtime for amazing cinematography.

According to, the OSMO Action is also waterproof up to 11 meters so you can bring it to surf, snorkeling or to a poolside party knowing that accidental splashes will be recorded rather than killing your camera.

Best filter pack – PolarPro Vivid 3 Pack Filters

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One of the most uncontrollable factors during outdoor shooting is the lighting conditions. While it is impossible to manipulate nature, you can always adapt your camera to suit, which makes the PolarPro Filter Pack so handy.

Featuring an ND (neutral density) 4, ND 8 and ND 16 filter, the pack helps to control lighting to fit the OSMO Action for various lighting conditions. These filters are extremely easy to install with a magnetic HotSwap System while a 16-layer coating keeps your videos crystal clear even on a rugged adventure.

Best portable drone – Mavic 2

If you are looking into more unique ways to capture video footage, the Mavic 2 drone range might be the best for you. While sitting at a comfortable price range for amateur content creators, the Mavic 2 offers professional-grade quality in a foldable drone package.

While both Zoom and Pro variant offer 4K onboard video, the Pro features the industry-standard Hasselblad Camera and a 1-inch CMOS sensor to provide one of the best video qualities you can find on a consumer drone.

The Mavic also features additional safety and functions including a camera to avoid obstacles and object tracking on top of the well-acclaimed gimbal stabilization from DJI. Drone footage made easy by the Mavic 2 series.

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