What is Explainer Video and Why Your Business Needs It

Today, a lot of companies are switching to using video material to describe their offers. Businesses can increase engagement, brand exposure, conversions, and more by using explainer videos in innovative and smart ways. With a bit of video editing from professionals, this task gets even easier than you can imagine:

What is an explainer video?

An animated short film, more known as an “explainer video” provides information about the goods or services offered by your business in a clear and understandable manner. The animation clearly demonstrates how your company provides value to its clients. Basically, the main point of every explainer video is to help your customers understand your products or the brand.

Reasons why your business might need an explainer video


One of the best approaches for businesses to offer their goods or services to potential clients is through explainer videos. They provide companies with the opportunity to swiftly grab a customer’s attention from the moment they discover your video until they buy your goods or interact with it on your website. Here are some facts:

  1. Explainer videos are perfect for a variety of companies, including those looking to advertise online their goods or services and those that use offline salespeople and require a quick and simple method to introduce them to potential clients.
  2. They work well for keeping clients who have abandoned the initial purchase and are searching for deals, promotions, or other ways to return to your business.
  3. Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool as they reduce informational noise and unambiguously identify the purpose and goods of your business. In a world where there is an abundance of information, your explainer video will be the winner of customers’ attention.

Explainer videos are also great for use in SEO marketing. They are a great way to convey content, as a page is more likely to be rated better if it is rich in helpful and valuable information.  These videos are also a fantastic method to briefly describe your company’s offerings.

Additionally, they can help you enhance your website’s functionality by adding important details that raise the website’s rating in Google results. Explainer videos are a fantastic asset to put on your website since they are particularly successful at doing well under SEO criteria due to their clarity and simplicity.

Explainer videos can be more engaging than other forms of material, such as blog posts, which makes them more successful promotion-wise. Since blog articles need reading so that readers might skim through them without effectively absorbing the content, they are typically not as intriguing or amusing as videos.


These videos provide viewers with a visual experience that is simpler to understand and retain, which is why they are so successful at boosting sales. Basically, they make information simple to grasp so that potential buyers can see how your offer might benefit them.

The usage of animation techniques simplifies the content and increases brand awareness while showing the distinct style of your business. You may have noticed that producing an explainer video requires significantly more work than writing a blog entry. Well, that’s only because you use multiple approaches to deliver your point instead of simply writing it.

If we are to sum up the main benefits of explainer videos for your business, the list looks like this:

  • increased conversions
  • higher ranking in search results
  • more effective interest triggering
  • better clarification on your product or services
  • improved brand credibility
  • more content shares on social media
  • improved brand awareness.

As you can see, using explainer videos in your brand marketing campaign can be quite successful in terms of bringing more attention to your company and its products. This type of content is highly consumable now, so why not try to use it in your promo strategy?

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