How to Save Time Creating Blog Posts

Writing is an expression of your thoughts and knowledge through paper or digital platforms. Blogging is a form of writing that allows you to earn from writing. Many factors are involved in having a successful blog, but the most crucial factor is being consistent in whatever niche you blog about. Whether educational, entertaining or informative like LuminaBlog, whichever niche you choose, always have your reader’s interest first.

Creating a blog post or creating content for a client or your business page can be pretty daunting sometimes, especially if time is a huge factor to be considered on your side. You can find yourself racking your head for the perfect ideas or content. Sometimes you can have writer’s block with no clue of what to do with your laptop or notepad in front of you.

Aside from having no idea of what to write, another daunting factor is the time spent researching the idea to write on, searching for the proper keywords for your content visibility, credible visual images for your post, and structuring your content Ideas. These factors can be quite tasking because you know you wouldn’t want to write a post and not get a good blog revenue.

Let us look at some factors to help you save time while creating your blog posts.

1. Write a Free Draft First


Writing your ideas exactly the way they flow in your mind is the best way to save time when creating any content. You can write without checking or adjusting any errors. This method allows the ideas to flow freely without interruption or the tension of editing your content to perfection. You can rewrite and edit your content when you’re done writing your first draft. Whatever comes to your mind, let it out and stop or pause to check if you’re on the right track. This method can help you overcome your writer’s block and bring more inspiration as you write.

2. Always Have a Storage of Topic Ideas

Inspiration comes from the things around us. As a writer, always have a lot of ideas you can always use anytime. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, If you suddenly have an inspiration for a topic you’d like to write on, write it down immediately so you can always refer to it in the future. The reason for doing this is because when you’re faced with writer’s block, you can always fall back on your calendar of topic ideas, and you will know what to write on. Your list of topic ideas helps the inspiration of creating fast and proficient content ideas for you. If an idea hits you anywhere, don’t let it go, or you will lose it immediately. Get your notepad or phone and write it down immediately. You can use tools like Evernote, Color note, and Google sheets.

When you practice this method, you should always have ideas of what to write in advance in weeks or months to come.

3. Use a Writing Template


Having a properly structured format for your blog posts is one way to keep your readers coming back to your blog. Do not have a cliched pattern everyone uses for their blog. Have your own different style. Aside from that, the advantage of having structured blog content is that you’ll always have a template you can easily use whenever you are writing your content. Having a template saves you the stress of rearranging your content suitably.

A writing template contains a setup, formatting, and structure for every blog post you want to write. WordPress has plugins to easily get any template you want for your blog. If you don’t want to use WordPress, you can use Evernote or any other relevant blogging tool.

4. Keep it Short

The ability to express your thoughts and ideas in writing is thrilling, and that can leave you going on and on without the need to stop, but you have to know that not every reader has the time or patience to read long content. Some readers want it simple, short, and direct. Avoid the temptation of writing long content. If your blog contents are short and precise, it will save you another time to write more content in a day.

Research shows that blog sites that publish content regularly generate more leads than those that publish less. So if you waste time on just one blog post, you will not have time to publish another post. Always have an objective or target of a blog post you want to publish for a week or a day.

5. Know When to Write


Writing at a convenient time sets you in a comfortable and convenient mood, and it helps with a better flow of ideas. Some people love to write at night and some early in the morning. Knowing the convenient time helps you stay focused without distractions or divided attention. You can’t be writing when you have chores to do or when you know you have to go out. Whatever time you think is best for you, work with it.

6. Add New Ideas to Existing Ideas

This is another way to help save time when creating a blog post. Before starting any content, you can search Google for a popular keyword idea. The results page will show you many results based on your search query that many bloggers have written. It also emphasizes how fierce the rivalry for that issue is. So, in the face of such severe competition in your niche industry, you can stand out while also conserving time. You can select any of the pages and add new ideas to them. This method will not only save your time but will also help your SEO ranking. You’re not stealing their article, but you’re adding more value to your readers by expanding the ideas already written.

7. Hire a Freelancer


Content development entails more than just writing. There are other steps to be taken before it is considered standard enough and free of grammatical or spelling errors. You will need to Proofread, Edit, and format your content. Proofreading and editing take more time than producing a new blog post. You may also be unable to conduct research and compose your posts due to a lack of time. That is why, to make your life easier, you should hire a freelance writer and editor. You can, however, employ a variety of writing and editing tools. These tools will assist you in identifying and correcting spelling and grammatical problems.


There are more methods for producing blog posts faster. These strategies will increase your content creation time and help you become a better blogger. Whatever blogging tactics you employ, make sure you publish high-quality blog entries to better connect with your blog readership and expand your business blog.

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