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Why you should visit Lookout Mountain at least once in your lifetime


Have you ever been to Lookout Mountain? Is a trip to Chattanooga on your bucket list, or you are waiting to go there for the Spring Break Safari? This trip is recommended for families with kids because there are numerous adventurous contents for them, and you can go there by car or a plane. In this stunning city, your children can play the role of explorer, a pirate or a zoologist and have the time of their life. If you want to book a great accommodation Click Here and stay in Comfort Inn Downtown Chattanooga.

Here are the 5 reasons why you and your family must visit this place.

Ruby Falls

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If you go deep inside Lookout Mountain you will get to the Ruby Falls which everyone must see it at least one in their lifetime. This 145-foot-tall and 1,120 feet underground waterfall is the deepest commercial cave in America. In the cave, you will see magnificent nature shapes and colors, and you must see the view from the Lookout Mountain Tower. There is an outside playground for the children.

Rock City

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This is the most epic place in the South for all nature lovers. If you are a fan of hiking or just walking, take your camera and be prepared to take some of the most amazing photos. The walking trail with the ancient rock formations is 4,100 feet long. At the end of the trail, there is a 140-foot waterfall who is falling down Lookout Mountain. From Rock City, you can see the panoramic view of seven states.

High Point Climbing and Fitness

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This is a premium quality facility when it comes to climbing with more than 30,000 square feet of climbing and bouldering space both indoor and outdoor. It is even adapted for very young children and they climb rocks. You can say this is the largest gym in the country and do not be afraid if you have never climbed before, you can learn here because they have introduction lessons and climbing for beginners.

Tennessee Aquarium

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This two floors aquarium is a pleasure for everyone, both children and adults, and you will see the amazing water life from the mountains to the sea. You can also see penguins and the kids will be enjoying their playful show. You should also pay attention to a jellyfish exhibit, and you can take the Backstage Pass tour and see also a baby animal nursery.

The Chattanooga Zoo

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The Zoo is always a good idea if you have children, and the Chattanooga Zoo has moreover 300 animals from all over the world. The children will see the animals in their natural habitat, and be part of many different types of exhibits. They can even ride a camel, and cuddle some animals. Your kids learn more about animals through fun and play, and they will have the best day ever.

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