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What is stainless steel and nickel bar stock?

Bar stock also referred to as slug or blank, is a raw, purified metal that is used for manufacturing metal parts and products. Bar stocks are made into a variety of shapes and lengths. The standard shapes are usually circular, square, rectangular, and hexagonal. One piece of the bar stock is commonly known as a billet.

When bar stock is being processed, it goes through a series of milling, sawing, turning, drilling, and grilling until the final product is made. Similarly, there are cases where a specialized machine processes it. The manufacturing facility usually has a warehouse packed with bar stocks.  They are taken to the machining area where new products are made to meet demand.

As I had already mentioned, there are different lengths and sizes of the bar stocks. Small bar stocks are carried from one point to the next within the factory by hand. A lift or any other machine moves the large and heavier metals. For instance, it is normal for a heavy bar stock to be lifted by a crane and transported within the facility.

Mostly, bar stocks are found in factories because this is where all the processing takes place. Some machine shops also have them. Steel bar stocks can be used to make a variety of products ranging from lawn furniture to some metal fasteners. There are many other uses, including:

Building support

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The stainless steel bar stocks have different shapes, and that’s why they are often used in the construction of buildings. They usually are among the list of building support requirements and materials. For instance, they can be the support structure for overhead doors, heaters, gate latches, braces, among many others.

Industrial artwork

Artists prefer to use this metal when they want to form furnishings and other artwork. This is because they can bend or shape it to meet their needs. Also, they are the best choice for craftsmen who want to work on large pieces such as statues. The best thing about bar stocks is that they are quite strong and durable. For this reason, even when used in artwork, you can be sure it will be a solid piece.

Frame construction

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Some bar stocks can be cut and welded into position to form a framework. This type of metal is strong enough to withstand the weight of construction. For this reason, they are regarded as one of the best choices for this purpose.

Improvements and additions

Bar stocks are not just used in the building stages. They can also be useful during the post-construction when you want to reinforce the already existing structures. This is mainly because these metals can be cut so that they fit or support structures put in place.

The metal stock materials may vary and hence have to be chosen based on the needs of a project. When selecting a bar stock, consider the total volume. It can be calculated by multiplying the length, width, and depth of the metal. This way, you can determine if it will be suitable for your needs and requirements. An excellent place to see high-quality stainless steel bar stock is Aero-Flex.

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