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5 Reasons Why Do People Choose FedEx for Package Shipping – 2024 Guide

The Federal Express represents one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, and they are providing people from over 220 countries with fast and secure delivery of various goods. Also, this company is known for its innovations related to the implementation of advanced technologies and solutions for more reliable and quicker services. When we look at the stats related to the FedEx as a corporation, they have over 400,000 employees in over 220 countries, more than 14 million shipments every day, and near 700 planes in their fleet. Also, there are over 50,000 locations only in the United States where you can send or receive a package by using their services.

They are as popular worldwide as they are in the United States. When it comes to international shipments, their best programs are International Mail Service, Next Flight, Priority, Economy and Direct Distribution, and more. Also, they are the first delivery service that managed to create a system capable of delivering packages in less than one day when it comes to the United States. Moreover, they are the first company that introduced a system where you can track your delivery online by using the FedEx tracking system. You can find out more about that feature at MyPackageTracking.

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This company has a long history. FedEx was founded in 1971, and its first mission was to deliver banknotes from the banks related to Federal Reserve. However, this company was near bankruptcy after the head of federal reserves decided to stop using their services. Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx was in big problems after that rejection, with over $3 million in debt, two planes, and out of clients. There is an interesting story about how a game of Blackjack in Las Vegas saved a company from closing. Fred was left with only around $5,000 on the account and he managed to make near $30,000 by betting with that amount. In the years after, they continue to grow with the help of funding, which leads to the huge success and popularity they have today. Here are the main reasons why people choose FedEx for package shipping in 2024.

The Longer Call-in Window for On-Call Pickup

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When we compare this company and similar services, there is a great advantage when you are using FedEx because you have an extra hour for on-call pickups. That is a great benefit because there is a rise in online stores and demand for shipping services overall. This feature allows you to be less stressed about sending all of the packages in time and less chance to be late with your orders. This way, you will be more flexible and able to send more of your products, which can also be beneficial for your business since customers will become more satisfied with their guaranteed on-time delivery. Moreover, the process of scheduling an instant pickup of your packages is quite convenient because you can find everything on their online platform.

The Ability to Schedule a Freight Pickup in Advance

Every package that is heavier than 150lbs needs to be delivered over a freight pickup because a regular service is not able to deliver heavy packages. However, the process of request for such a package is simple, and you will only need to visit a FedEx website and choose the date and time for a pick-up. There is a great benefit of using this service where you can arrange a delivery 10 days in advance. Also, this service is available on Saturday, which can affect the delivery to be much faster. Moreover, you will have to fill a form whiling scheduling a pick-up, where you must note if there is a need for some special protection of the package, its dimensions, does it need a pickup, cooler, does it contain food, and more.

Wider Area of Delivery and Longer Working Hours

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Since this company is constantly growing, introducing innovations, and trying to follow the most recent trends to become more reliable to users, they are thriving to expand their area and working hours. Therefore, with the Overnight service, you can expect delivery after 8 a.m. ON the other hand, they are becoming more flexible with more working hours and a wider area of support. That is especially beneficial for small businesses and owners of online stores.

Saturday Delivery Service

With the increased need for package shipping in the whole world and the expansion of online shopping, having one extra day for delivery is a great advantage. People who are working in FedEx made it possible to send or receive a package on Saturday. You can use several services, such as Priority Overnight, Express DropBox, Same Day delivery, and Freight delivery. When it comes to Overnight service, you can expect a package between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm. However, you should know that this ability is not available in all areas. Therefore, you can check their website to see more about the states where you can receive or send a package on Saturday.

Reliable Service for Dangerous Goods

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This company has a lot of resources, and sending dangerous goods can never be a problem when you use their services. When it comes to the process of shipping, you will first need to fill a form and introduce the workers to the type of goods you are sending and the levels of protection that are necessary for the package. Federal Express is a leader when it comes to the transportation of hazardous materials worldwide. However, you will have to provide them with a legit label of the products, declaration, and all other information. You must know that it is your responsibility to notify the shipping service about potentially dangerous materials. If you avoid that, they will not be responsible for possible damage made to the package during the delivery.

Last Words

As you can see, this company is a world leader when it comes to innovation and better solutions for faster and safer deliveries from all around the world. With the feature to track a package, there is no chance that you will not receive it. Both sellers and customers find this company as one of the most convenient.

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