FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx Standard Overnight – Delivery Process Explained

FedEx Corporation, a courier services company from America, is an internationally known and successful company. According to the official website, FedEx provides solutions that connect people and possibilities. Furthermore, they state “we believe that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do“. Therefore, millions of people all around the world can enjoy the service of this shipping company knowing that their packages will be in secure hands.

Actually, the name FedEx is abbreviated from the Federal Express, the original name of this company. The history of this company began in 1971 when it was founded. Ever since then, with many of it’s changed and developed features, this import/export company has continued to make lives easier not only for people living in the U.S. but also worldwide.

The fact that its recognizable logo, a wordmark, designed in 1994, consisted of purple ’Fed’ and orange ’Ex’, is familiar to the majority of people only confirms that this service is very reliable and widely used.

Furthermore, in 2013 the Fortune magazine recognized this company as one of the top 100 companies to work in. In 2018, it was reported that 425,000 people work every day in order to provide their clients with the right packages on time.

FedEx Standard Overnight

Besides being popular as one of the most successful shipping companies, the FedEx logo can often be seen in numerous sports events. In other words, this company is known for providing support for sports such as motorsports (for instance, FedEx was the sponsor of  Formula one teams Ferrari, Benetton, McLaren, and Williams F1), football (FedEx was the sponsor of the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida), rugby (FedEx as the sponsor of Heineken Cup), etc.

One of the amazing things about this company is the system which enables the tracking of packages, as well as real-time updates about the location of packages, which has significantly reduced the time needed to find packaged that got lost. Also, the possibility of overnight shipping service is one of the reasons FedEx is so popular among clients. Overnight service is divided into three types: FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx First Overnight, and FedEx Standard Overnight.

When it comes to FedEx Standard Overnight, it provides the clients with the delivery on the next business day by 3 p.m. on the majority of addresses. The same goes for the people living in rural areas, only with the difference that they can expect their delivery by 4.30 p.m.

Packages should not be more than 150 Lbs. When it comes to the length of packages, it should not be more than 119” in length, or 165” in length and girth combined.

The service days regarding FedEx Standard Overnight are from Monday until Friday. Furthermore, with the additional charge, in numerous areas, you can pick up your package on Saturday as well.

In case you are not going to be home, or you are simply not available when the package is expected to be delivered, you don’t need to worry. FedEx Standard Overnight supports the Hold At Location option.

What happens is that the package is being held at the location until you disable the Hold At Location option. In this way, you are sure that your package is in a safe place, even if you are not able to receive it at the moment.

FedEx Standard Overnight

One of the amazing things about FedEx is the FedEx Delivery Signature possibilities. In other words, there are multiple options regarding the reception of the package through FedEx Standard Overnight. The total of three types of signatures are possible: Adult Signature Required (this option is required in Canada and the U.S.), Indirect Signature Required, and Direct Signature Required.

Not only is FedEx Standard Overnight a pretty impressive shipping service, but it is also a pretty reliable one. It has the option regarding Dangerous Goods. In case your business is connected to dangerous goods, this service makes it easier for you since FedEx offers you guidelines on how to ship, or download job forms and aids.

It is important to mention that IATA regulations are constantly updated on FedEx. In that way, you are aware of the information you need to acknowledge when shipping dangerous goods.

All in all, in case you are considering using FedEx Standard Overnight, you will definitely not regret it. It is quick, reliable, offers many options, and keeps thousands of clients satisfied every day. One of their ad campaigns says: “We Live To Deliver”, and numerous clients say that this indeed is true.

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