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Why Essay Writing is so Frustrating and Challenging for Some Students

Essay writing is a huge part of being a student. You’ll have to do it multiple times on your road towards a diploma and a degree. However, not everyone is born to be a writer, just like not everyone can be good at math or at sports. But, there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s worth understanding is that anyone can improve in essay-writing by practicing properly.

Most students frown upon the thought of having to write an entire essay, especially if the subject is one that needs researching. Add a deadline on top of this and you can easily categorize essay-writing as one of the most disliked and frustrating tasks for the average high-schooler or student.

In today’s article, we’ll try to find out why many dislike this activity and what are some of the things you can do in order to make it more enjoyable. Truth is, you’ll have to do essay writing multiple times throughout your student life so it’s better to make it enjoyable and easy. Here’s what you should know.

It all starts with a lack of self-belief

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“I’m not good at writing” and “I can’t do this, I need to find someone who does it better to do it for me” is how the entire problem starts. Adopting this mindset ever since the earliest stages of formal education will have a huge negative impact on you later on. So, start by facing the challenge instead of running from it, and after you finish your first couple of essays you’ll see that there’s a tremendous quality difference in your skill back from when you first started. So for a start, believe in yourself and the room you have for self-improvement. Many of us never even imagined to be writers one day.

It takes time to research and time to write

Unlike doing a quick PowerPoint presentation for example, writing an essay especially if the topic is something really technical, requires a lot of research. This research phase takes time and students really dislike being pinned to their desk doing research for many hours in a row. But, since we live in the digital era where getting your hands on information was never easier, all you have to do is practice doing research and optimize that for maximal efficiency. What we recommend is bookmarking reliable sources, keeping a few useful books by your side, and finding someone to do the research with, preferably a classmate or a close friend.

Doing research is eighty percent. If the topic is something creative, doing research is not even needed. Now the thing with technical topics is that researching is sometimes quite frustrating due to the other deadlines we have. It happened quite a lot of times in the past to get overwhelmed by deadlines so you have to choose between prioritizing one or another project. Or, you can once again use the internet to your advantage and get a helping hand from a website called

Most students are way too self-criticizing

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You shouldn’t “cringe” at your first essay. It’s not going to be the best one your professors ever saw but it’s a starting point and it’s something. It’s yours, most importantly. Instead of feeling discouraged by not forming the best sentences, try to point out your mistakes and correct them the next time you write something. If you notice that your lack of words is what’s “bottlenecking” your progress, start learning and implementing new words. Use websites like thesaurus to search for synonyms and antonyms. You have no idea how much that really helps.

Most students are alone in this journey

Don’t be afraid to get some kind of mentorship. It doesn’t have to be professional unless you are really looking to improve in writing and maybe one day make a living out of it. You should get a more experienced friend to help you out, maybe revise your essays before you submit them. They’ll point out a lot of mistakes so when you end up correcting all that and sending the corrected version to the professor, you’ll get much better feedback from them, which is probably what means the most to you during your student life.

If you are really bad at math, you can’t learn it all by yourself. You need someone to teach you, or “unlock” new thinking methods in your mind as a foundation. The same thing goes for writing. If you are unable to recognize what your mistakes are, it’s best to find someone who can point it out for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’ll stop disliking essay writing a lot after you find someone to accompany you on this learning journey.

Most students are not recycling ideas

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As we said above, not everyone can be the perfect athlete, and not everyone can be the best idea-creator. So, sometimes being given the freedom to write on any topic can make everything a lot more difficult compared to if you were given a specific topic by your professor. Why? Because some people are simply not as creative, and they are not good at making up an entire story in their mind about certain something they should write thousands of words about. This is why we recommend recycling ideas. It’s not professional work, you’re not selling it, so why not grab someone else’s story and modify it. Or, simply use their plot as a foundation, then build your own story and add your own twists on top of that. This isn’t forbidden in any way. In fact, it’s highly encouraged. A lot of good writers once had idols who inspired them.


Essay writing is frustrating for those who aren’t really sure how to get started with it. In today’s article we listed some of the main reasons why students are often frustrated when it comes to writing essays, and we provided a few solutions that may take you a long way if you decide to implement them in your writing journey.

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