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5 Best Productivity Apps For Students To use in 2024

Being a student is not easy. Student life comes with plenty of responsibilities, lots of studying, and a lack of free time. But it is undoubtedly much easier to be a student in the 21st century. Nowadays, students are bombarded with an endless amount of information every day. However, the internet era also has its positive sides. Today, students can use various apps to boost their productivity and make things happen.

Productivity apps can help students organize better, make them aware they are running late on deadlines, as well as help them to fulfill their tasks more efficiently. In the following text, you can read about some of the best productivity apps for students to use in 2024.


In these modern times, when we’re continuously on our cellphones, it is getting harder to focus. No matter how much we try to keep our eyes on the book, it seems like the hand automatically reaches for the phone, with no conscious effort. Taking breaks every few minutes is fatal for every student’s concentration. It is known that, after our concentration drops, it takes 10 minutes to return to the same level. And we all know that we easily get distracted while checking out our social media and that five minutes often become half an hour. Apps like Forest allow students to block their phones while they are studying or working on an important project. The point with this app is that you take your time to plant a tree.

And while the tree is growing, you cannot do anything else on your phone. Otherwise, you’ll kill the tree, which is not very good for your potential forest. If you succeed to stay away from your phone, you’ll be rewarded with coins and continue growing your forest. It is an interesting concept that can work great for studying and your overall productivity. Removing the cellphones as the biggest enemies of our focus allows us to become more concentrated and complete our tasks much faster.


We’ve all been victims of our excitement and determination to study for several hours in a row, without taking breaks. And this usually ends up with finding it impossible to stay focused, continue studying, and achieve desired results. With the Pomodoro technique, these problems can be overcome. Pomodoro technique is well-known and very popular among students. It implies that you study for 25 minutes, and then take 5 minutes break. And after four pomodoros, you take thirty minutes break to freshen up, clear your mind, and be able to continue studying.

It is very effective for obtaining concentration and preventing burnouts. The Pomodoro concept was an inspiration for PomoDoneApp. It is not just a timer but a workplace where you can integrate all your task-management apps and organize your work the best way for you. With this app, you can understand better how much time you need for different tasks and organize yourself accordingly in the future.


Another productivity app that works great for students is Calendly, especially in these uncertain times during pandemic. Most of the students were forced to switch to online classes, and this will likely stay the trend, even when everything passes. At least, some of it. Besides, many students are taking online courses so it is never bad to have Calendly, where you can insert your daily schedule, get meetings notifications, and much more. You can integrate it with Google Drive, Outlook, and other apps, for your better meeting organization. Learning how to use Calendly and getting used to it in student days will help you be much organized in the future when you start working.


One of the essential skills of every student is knowing how to write to-do lists. Many people are staying away from the lists since they are making tasks more official and real, so they are binding and make people feel under pressure to do the things from the list. But that is the whole point of these little helpers. If you don’t like writing down to-do lists on paper, you can try using the Evernote app to write your notes online. You can use it to manage your tasks and organize better to achieve more. If you’re not that into writing, you can insert different pictures, drawing, audio files, and others. Evernote app is very customizable, and you can use it the way it suits you. Studying and fulfilling students’ tasks become much simpler with a good productivity app, such as this one.


The notion is a cool, modernly designed productivity app that is very easy and fun to use. In the 21st century, it is all about aesthetics, and Notion keeps up with the latest trends. You can use it to write your notes and to-do lists, organize yourself, as well as keep on track with group projects. During quarantine days, it is not that easy to fulfill group project requirements, but Notion makes it simpler. You can keep an eye on everything that is going on in your team, and communicate much easier. Another good thing is that you can make your mood board and be creative while studying if that is what you like. Notion combines all important tasks into one workspace. It allows you to create the perfect working space that suits your needs, and boost your organization skills, and overall productivity.


We could say it was never easier and never harder to be a student than in 2024. The bad side is that students are continuously bombarded with so much information, from every side. On the other hand, the internet era brought so many amazing productivity apps that allow students to organize much better, make virtual to-do lists, and keep in touch with their colleagues. Some apps offer the option to combine task-management and productivity apps into one workspace and have everything you need for successful studying in one place. Eventually, sometimes the biggest productivity booster is blocking our cellphones and focusing on the real work in front of us. Find the app that suits you and make it work.

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