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Why Businesses Should Use a VPN

With the advent of the World Wide Web, our lives were changed forever. The internet has not only revolutionized the way people communicate, but also the way they do business, shop, consume information, study, and much more.

However, as its popularity increased over the years, so did the potential risks. Online security should be a priority not only for companies but for all people who want to avoid the misfortune of having their information stolen, getting hacked, and having one’s computer be infected by viruses and malware.

Luckily, there are many ways individuals can protect themselves while browsing the internet, and usually, all it takes is just a few clicks to download and install a program that can keep one safe.

One such measure comes in the form of VPNs, so if you are interested in learning more, here are some things to know about this software.

What Is It?

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The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network and simply creates a safe network over a public or private one. For those who are unfamiliar, public networks include ones found in hotels, cafes, on public transportation while private ones are the networks in people’s homes that are provided by internet services.

Essentially, these virtual private networks encrypt your data, concealing your activity and keeping you safe from dangers such as identity theft, data theft, and so on.

A VPN directs your traffic through specialized servers and is great for bypassing web filters, browsing anonymously, connecting to remote servers, and much more.

How Does it Work?

Well, in the past, it relied on both hardware and software to do its job, but today, it utilizes only software, more specifically an interface that enables users to create a tunnel and protect their network from harm.

It is a quite complicated technology, but to put it simply, it keeps your data secure by hiding your traffic from an internet service provider and gives you privacy by hiding your IP address, device, and location.  This information sometimes stays visible to VPN providers, but it is something that varies from service to service.

What are the Benefits?

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There are many reasons companies of any size should utilize these services. Some of the benefits include:

1.Enhanced Security

Besides safeguarding your information, the virtual protection network also secures all resources in the cloud, as well as giving remote workers peace of mind due to the service’s Geo-independence. According to certain interfaces also come with features that can detect viruses and malware in downloaded files and alert you about potential threats.

2. A Higher Level of Privacy

Masking your identity while you browse the internet solves one of the biggest issues of internet security – online privacy. By providing you with a different IP address and encrypting all of your transmitted data, you can be assured that no one will be able to read your data or any other information.

3. Geo-Independence

Sometimes, certain applications, databases, or websites might be crucial for your operations but are restricted or unavailable in your country. VPNs can provide you with a different IP address that makes your access request appear like it is originating from an unrestricted location. This means you will gain access to any information you might need for optimal operation.

4. Affordability

These security tools are extremely affordable as opposed to other types of services. Many of them will cost you only $10 per month and will give you coverage for 3 to 10 devices with a single license. Many providers will offer yearly or multi-year plans that usually come at a lower monthly cost as well.

5. Higher Customer Satisfaction

If your business requires collecting data from customers, patients, or clients, utilizing a VPN service can help you earn their trust and also make them feel safe. If your customers are unfamiliar with such services, you should take your time to educate them on what it is to boost their satisfaction and potentially turn them into loyal consumers.

6. Increases Productivity

Workers who are aware of potential dangers and vulnerabilities might hesitate to log in and do their job using a public network. Employees who often go on business trips might face similar dilemmas. However, using a virtual protection network will give them peace of mind and this way, they will be less stressed or nervous and able to work whenever they need or want to, no matter their location.

What Devices Can I Install It On?

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One of the greatest things about these services is that they are not only compatible with your personal computer or laptop but are also available on smartphones that use either Android or iOS operating systems. As mentioned above, you will be able to connect several devices using a single license.

What is even better is that you can install a VPN on your router which will keep all the devices in your company or home safe.

Are There Any Free Services?

The answer to the question would be – yes, however, a business should not use a free service mostly due to the many restrictions that come with it. Premium tools offer far more bandwidth, better and more extensive server lists, no connection restrictions, and much more.

Are These Services Legal?

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Yes, they are. They do not go against any laws as people in most countries around the world actually have the legal right to privacy. Regardless, in certain countries, its usage is restricted if not banned.

For example, countries like Russia or China allow you to use them but only the ones that they have approved of. These are usually useless for most since they probably have to comply with requirements such as censorship and anti-privacy. Using other VPN services might result in a hefty fine. This is why it is always best to check the law if you are planning to use it when residing in a foreign country.


Safety should never be overlooked but always prioritized and taking appropriate precautions can go a long way. VPNs are just one part of your online security but are important nevertheless, so consider getting this software for your business and see the benefits it has to offer.

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