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How Important is Self-Promotion in Business?

When it comes to business, it can often feel like an uphill battle in order to get your brand known in the world. Around 627,000 new businesses are formed in the US every year, so competition is fierce, and what separates you from your rivals could be something as simple as how you come across. That’s why self-promotion in business is so relevant. You’ve identified a gap in the market and created something to fill it that people might want to buy – so why hold back when it’s time to share exactly what you’ve created with people? Here are three tips on self-promotion and why it’s so essential for business growth.

Stand Out from the Crowd

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When it comes to self-promotion, you need to have something worth promoting. Having faith and self-efficacy in business is what separates the greats from those who are another failed statistic. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others? In order to do this, you need to ensure your entire operation is watertight. You’ll have your star product and the channels and avenues of selling it. You’ll also have the simple things, such as all the legalities checked. You’ll have registered with the proper authorities, you’ll ensure you have general liability insurance such as, so that you and your customers have peace of mind should anything happen, and you’ll ensure your financial procedures are by the book.

Choose the Right Platforms

When you begin your self-promotion, it’s critical to be promoting in the right way on the right platforms. This could be through a social media strategy that helps highlight the benefits of your business and product. Or you could position yourself as an expert in your field through blogs and infographics. Some companies may benefit from a feature in a trade journal, while others would be best placed to choose the mainstream media or local press to get the message out to the right audience. It’s great having something good to say, but you need to say it to those who matter.


Don’t Come Off as Bragging

The art of self-promotion involves you straddling the fine line between being able to promote the virtues of your business and not coming across as though you are bragging, which can be off-putting. Often, the best self-promotion is done by merely repeating what others are saying. If you are receiving positive reviews, you could turn this into a happy customer testimonial video, which would amplify the exact message you want to send out but would use genuine customers as the conduit for the message. These people would be more trusted by those watching as being able to give an honest and impartial assessment, while your own statements would hold less weight.

Self-promotion is extremely useful in business. You can ensure that the right message is getting across and that you are being evaluated on what you do well. Ensure that when you are self-promoting that you have a strong message behind it, that you use the right platforms to do it, and that you don’t veer into the territory of bragging.

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