What All You Need to Know Before Moving a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are very famous in the U.S. Many Americans are opting for mobile homes in modern times. According to a report published in the magazine, ‘American Sociological Review’, almost 5.6% of Americans live in mobile homes currently. People prefer mobile homes for several reasons including low cost, low maintenance costs, convenience, and environment-friendly features of these mobile homes. There are certain codes and standards introduced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for mobile homes.

Making the transition from a traditional home to a mobile home can be quite daunting. Relocating a house is unavoidable sometimes, so people living in mobile homes are also exploring the topic of relocation often. It is very important to know all the specifics before moving to a mobile home. Along with these specifics, you also need to know all the rules and laws of moving a mobile home. It is not always very easy to own a mobile home and relocation is one such condition. There are certain laws to determine when and how can u move a mobile house or if you can even move it or not.

Make sure you keep the following points in mind while planning a move of a mobile home:

Moving Permit

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The moving permit is one of the most important things that you have to get before moving your mobile home. Moving a mobile home is not just picking it up and leave the place like that, you have to get all the approvals before leaving the old place and shifting to a new location. First of all, you will have to get a certificate from the county treasurer of your current location, stating that there are no due taxes on your property. Another certificate you will need is a copy of the certificate of title.

Make sure you get to apply for these certificates as you have to deal with your local municipal government for these. Take the time to ensure that you have all the required certificates and permits before you begin the process of relocation. This will help avoid any problems in the future.

Hire Professionals

It is much advisable to hire a professional moving company for moving a mobile home. Opting for a DIY move should be the last option when moving a mobile home. Laws related to the relocation of a mobile home require you to work with a bonded, insured, and licensed professional moving company. Make sure you hire a reputed and reliable moving company to move the actual structure of your home. Reach out to more than one company and get a quote from them. Then compare their quotes based on the experience and equipment necessary to move your mobile home. Research the companies you come across thoroughly by reading customer testimonials, online reviews and other material available on different platforms.

Confirm all the services provided by your chosen moving company as not all companies get you the moving permit. Make a checklist of the services you require for relocation. Compare and contrast different companies based on the number and quality of services they provide.

Make Sure Your Home is Up-to-Code

There are certain legal requirements set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the year 1976 related to the movement of a mobile home. If your mobile home was built before the implementation of these laws then you are not allowed to move your mobile home. Some municipalities in the U.S. impose their laws on the age limit of the mobile home. One has to meet strict local requirements related to modern-day building standards. Research the code updates or consult someone who has extensive knowledge on the subject to ensure that you home is up to code and there are no problems and issues later on.

Know the Legal Requirements of the Place You are moving to

Along with the legal requirements of the current local authorities, make sure you are aware of the legalities of the place you are planning to move to. The laws related to building standards and the age limit of the property may vary for different places. Get all the legal work done and get accurate proof of the integrity of the structure.

Contact the Building Commissioner

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Get past all the legal requirements and building codes to move the house. Make sure you get your title certificate and county treasurer certificate to show your ownership and no taxes due on the property. These certificates will be needed to get your moving permit.

Once you are clear with all these legal requirements, now, start the process of moving. Hire a reputed and experienced professional moving company. Make sure you compare the quotes of more than one company to avail the best services. You can compare their quotes based on their services and experience. Research your options properly and extensively and choose the best one in accordance with your budget and requirements.

Many moving companies don’t let you book their services without seeing your moving permit but you can do your research for the right moving company before this. Once you get the moving permit, you can hire a professional moving company.

The next step is to determine the moving budget before planning your move. Moving a mobile home is a costly process and many factors determine the cost of moving. The main factors that impact the moving cost of a mobile home are the size of the mobile home, the distance to be covered, the weight of the mobile home, and the cost of permits and inspections. Analyze all the costs that might be incurred and plan your budget accordingly.
Whether you are moving over the holidays or planning a summer move, this guide will help you have a clear understanding of when and how to move your mobile home.

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