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What You Must Have On Your Moving Checklist

If you are getting ready to move there are some things that should put on your checklist. You need to be prepared for all of the things that can help you expedite the moving process. When you become aware of these things it becomes much easier for you to transition from one living space to the next.


There are some naive people that assume that they can move on their own without any assistance. This may be possible for an extreme minimalist that only has a few clothes and an air mattress. The reality, however, is that most people are going to need help when it comes to making a move.

They should be the first thing on the checklist. Some people will recruit friends. This works well if these are dependable people that are going to show up and actually assist in the moving process. There are others that may know that they do not have friends that are going to show up on a regular basis. These are going to meet people that need to hire professional movers.

Getting people that can help with the move will be essential because it determines the date and time that you can move. If you don’t have movers in place for the time that you desire you’re going to have to reschedule and work your way into the times that the movers are available. This is why you need this information first.

Changing Your Address

If you have a plan to move you should also have a plan to change your address. Fortunately, there is a form that you can fill out to get this process started. Most people assume that they have to go to the post office and speak to someone directly about getting this done. Technology has advanced, however, and there are ways to set up this request for a change of address online.

It is good to consider this week in advance because it takes a moment for these changes to take effect. People that are planning need to start getting their mail forwarded to their new address as early as a month in advance if possible. This is going to be very important if you do not want to lose any important mail.

Boxes for the Move

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It is also important to consider boxes for the move. There should be boxes of different sizes because everything is not going to fit the same type of box. It is important to consider this when a movie is being made that involves a multitude of different types of items. People that take time to plan with a multitude of different boxes are going to have a much better chance of organizing their items better.

Packing Tape

It is also very important to get packing tape for the move. Having strong packing tape will help you secure the boxes that you are planning to utilize. You want to get strong packing tape that is going to keep the boxes secure when you are moving from one location to the next. You want to make sure that the packing tape can hold the weight of all the items that are put into the boxes.


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It is also a good idea to consider labels when you are planning to move. It may not seem like a big deal when you are packing things up. You can rest assured, however, it is going to be frustrating when you are unpacking if you have not put labels on the things that you are packing. It will be harder to find out where anything goes. You will not have the ability to get your new home organized quickly without labels. Those that bring labels into the equation are going to be much more efficient for unpacking and getting acclimated to their new home.

Moving Dolly

It is always easier to move things when you have the right equipment in place. Getting a dolly is going to be quite helpful for any move. You need to be able to lift some things that are simply too heavy for a human to transport from the home to a moving van or truck. This is where a moving dolly is going to be essential. It is going to be very helpful to have this type of equipment in place to minimize the amount of injury that often happens when people try to move big appliances and furniture pieces without proper equipment.

Color-Coded Stickers

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It is true that labels are going to be very helpful when it comes to precision. People should know exactly what is going to be inside of the boxes that are being moved. There should still be color-coded stickers, however, that can inform movers of the rooms that certain things need to go into.

People that have color-coded stickers can simply look at the color of the sticker and know exactly where they need to put certain boxes. Movers that are concerned about fragile items can also create a color-coded map of rooms and items that are fragile. This provides movers with a much better sense of where they need to be unpacking the boxes when things are moved off of the truck.


Some of the items that you’re moving will require padding. There is a great need for proper padding for things like mirrors and fine China. You do not want to ruin or break items that are fragile and easily damaged. Getting the proper padding to cover these items will help ensure that you do not ruin these types of items during a move.

When you have proper padding in place you get the chance to eliminate the worry that many people encounter when they have not properly wrapped the items that they are trying to transport.

Sufficient Truck Space

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It does not matter if you are moving on your own or hiring professionals. You are still going to need to guesstimate how much moving space you will need to get the move completed. Sometimes it may require one big truck. There are other homes that have so much furniture that it will require multiple trucks.

It is a good idea to look at the rooms and boxes in your home. You can get an estimate of just how many items you have based on the square footage of your house. You should do this in order to cut down on the excessive number of trips back and forth.

Access To The New Home

A lot of people put their efforts into moving out of the old house. They put time into selling and vacating the old home. While they are doing this they need to make sure that there is sufficient access to the new home. People that are moving should know what day they are able to move in. They need to have extra keys for any people that are helping you make the move.

It is also wise to check the size of the doors of the new home as well. You need to know what items are going to be able to fit into the doors of the home without being disassembled. There are some items that are going to have to be dismantled if the doors are not wide or tall enough to accommodate the items. People that are planning to move should be sure that these things are on the checklist. Any move is easier when these things are taken into consideration.

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