What Is Tennessee for Musicians?

Tennessee is undoubtedly the home of music. For all lovers of music, musicians and fans likewise. It will be a dream come true to visit Tennessee and get first-hand experience of where all the great music we have heard and danced to originated. Be it country music, soul, gospel, or even blues, their story can’t be told without the mention of Tennessee. It’s like a capital city for all people who are engaged with music and addicted to music. Moreover, just imagine the area with people who have the same interests. Non-stop talks about guitars, rock, pop, and so on.

Being the home of music those with a keen ear for music troupes in droves to visit this land of music. Some say to pay homage to the gods of music. Yes, rock is still alive in Tennessee. Do you love music and want to go and see where some of the great tunes you have heard came from? Let’s look at how you can make this dream come true and enjoy the music vibe.

What to Expect as You Make that Trip to Tennessee

  • Heavy traffic is often experienced in major cities. So as you plan your trip, put in mind time that might be wasted in traffic to the airport, from the airport, or even around the cities. Plan your trip some time in advance. Usually, it would be a good idea to take at least one hour for spending your time in traffic jams while going from the airport to your planned destination.
  • The summers are hot so you should most likely plan your trip outside the summer months. The temperature is quite high there. If you are a lover of hot summer then it might be a good option for you. But for people who can’t stand 30+ degrees outside better to plan the trip when it will be autumn or spring.
  • For whiskey lovers this one is yours! Tennessee is the home to several whiskey brands among them the famous Jack Daniels and you can visit their distillery while there. You should however note that there are tough alcohol restrictions in some places including no selling of alcohol on Sundays. But still, you can bring souvenirs for your friends.
  • Fall and autumn are generally beautiful and you would want to make your trip then.
  • As musicians have expected to see celebrities and their cars or toys as they like to call them. It’s a place with lots of companies for renting luxury cars in the USA. People are renting the cars of their dreams to feel fully the atmosphere of Tennessee.

Must-Visit Places in Tennessee as a Musician

Tennessee as a state has many places musicians can visit including Bristol, Brownsville, and Chattanooga with many attractions and legendary places for musicians to visit but let us take a look at must-visit places for a musician in the three cities. You wouldn’t have time to be bored. Structure your trip and think about some priorities (places which you want to visit first, where to go, what to eat).


When you touch down in Memphis the probability of the next person to you being a music writer, upcoming musician or an already established musician is almost at 1. It’s a home of music with lots of places to visit. There are several ways to move around but by car is the most common. There are several Memphis car rental companies you can get a car from. is a good site to get a rental car at a reasonable price. With your means of transport ready now it’s time to tour. Some of the places you can visit in Memphis include:

  • Graceland, the former residence of Elvis Presley;
  • The music hall of fame;
  • Goner records.


It is the capital city of Tennessee, let’s call it the capital city of music. From far and wide musicians visit Nashville to experience its deep musical roots firsthand. Some of the attractions that you may want to visit as a musician in Nashville include:

  • The country music hall of fame and museum;
  • The National African American music museum;
  • The Ryman Auditorium;
  • 3rd and Lindsley;
  • Historic Music Row Walking Tour.


Yet another city in Tennessee. Your tour as a musician wouldn’t be complete without setting foot in this city. With a musical history of its own. You can feel the music history way deeper than in any other place in this world. It is a great idea to enjoy your trip with your loved ones or with your friends. Surely, you cannot skip Knoxville when the history of music is written. Among the notable places to visit as a musician are:

  • WDVX Blue Plate special;
  • BIJOU Theatre;
  • Cradle of Country Music Walking Tour.

Other Must-See Attractions in Tennessee


Tennessee has more to offer than just music and whiskey. There are a few other things that we can all agree are unique to Tennessee alone. Not to mention that it ties at number one for the many state borders that it has. Eight in number. Some of its other attractions include:

  • Barbecue;
  • It is the home of Morning Dew-This is a substitute for non-alcoholic drinkers that boasts of roots in Tennessee
  • Its famous Moon Pies;
  • Fried Chicken;
  • The National Civil Rights Museum;
  • The Lost Sea;
  • The Smoky Mountains;
  • Dollywood.


You are visiting Tennessee to get in touch with your inner music self, enjoy the Tennessee cars for rent services, drive around the state and let its deep musical history sink in. While at it don’t forget to explore the other attractions that Tennessee has to offer, drop in for fried chicken wings, or enjoy the sumptuous barbecue as you marvel at the spectacular smoky Mountains. Even if you are not musician you will still have what to do in Tennessee.

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