How to Enhance Instagram Promotion With a Marathon?

Nowadays, marathons are a profitable way to promote yourself. This is a kind of training, which is based on learning and lasts from 3 to 30 days. For experts, a marathon is an opportunity to attract a new audience, clients, and students to their account, to show their competence and professionalism in a particular area. For participants, the marathon is an opportunity to get a lot of useful and valuable information, develop definite skills or solve a specific question.

Preparing for an Instagram marathon

To begin with, make a beautiful profile design: write a strong positioning in the description so that from the first seconds it’s clear what you do and how cooperation with you can be beneficial. An important factor that forms the first impression is the level of popularity of your brand. At the start of the promotion, it is effective to automate this task with the help of professionals such as VipLikes. In this way, you can quickly create initial results in the form of followers, likes, comments, and form social proof. This trigger can be strengthened with testimonials and successful cases in pinned Stories.

To get the most out of the marathon, the theme should be adapted to the audience of the account. To do this, determine the key needs, desires, and pains of a certain segment of your target audience and, based on this information, choose the demanded theme. The marathon should be interesting and offer the participant to plunge into something new and previously unknown, for example, the “Low-calorie candies marathon”, or “Your body detox week”.

Content creation


Prepare all of your marathon posts in advance: write the text, add the hashtag, and prepare the images. It’s better to use images in the same style so that your subscribers can visually recognize the task or the post-announcement of the next live marathon. It is also needed to publish them at the same time.

In the first post of the marathon describe in detail the conditions for participation, tell about the marathon program, how the participants will benefit, and how it will be held. For a simple marathon in the challenge format, all activities can be carried out in stories. This option is suitable when the goal of a marathon is to increase the activity of existing subscribers. If the goal is to attract and warm up a new audience for a sale, it’s better to combine different types of content.

Use live broadcasts to introduce yourself, disclose the theme of the marathon, give feedback on tasks, and answer subscribers’ questions. Announce the tasks in the posts, and check the reports. In Stories, collect questions from the audience, show typical mistakes, and motivate marathon participants to stay active. Use IGTV to store recordings of the broadcasts. If necessary, record additional training videos.

To keep the audience’s attention throughout the marathon, announce how you will determine the winners, and specify what prize they will receive.

How to promote Instagram marathons?


Instagram marathons should be promoted a few months before the start. It’s effective to promote your page with the help of ads in stories. You can run ads in two ways. Advertising campaign through Facebook allows you to set up your audience parameters more accurately, you can also view in-depth statistics about your ad. Placing ads through the Instagram app makes it easy to run ads.

To get good results, run two ads with different designs and text. If possible, create ad stories with sound, it will allow you to stand out and attract the audience’s attention. According to Instagram statistics, 60% of the users view stories with sound and you should use it to make your teaser more vivid. Constantly compare the results of your ad campaigns to keep the most effective ones.

Another profitable way to promote is to work with bloggers. Opinion leaders have authority in the eyes of their subscribers, and the blogger’s credibility is automatically transferred to the promoted brand. Top bloggers have a large coverage of the target audience and can deliver information about your brand to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a few hours, which means attracting a new audience to the account. In addition, this advertising format provides a long-term effect of cooperation.

It is important to choose a blogger responsibly, he should identify with the philosophy of the brand and his content should correspond to the interests of your target audience as much as possible. Now, the most effective format is cooperation with microbloggers, who are more niche and have more trusting ties with the audience.
To achieve quick results in promotion, it is important to combine different methods: buy real Instagram followers and form a trusting first impression, set up targeted advertising, cooperate with bloggers, do mutual PR, etc. For more information, check the SocLikes.

Communication with participants during the challenge


After you have prepared materials and tasks, agreed with experts, and attracted participants, the most active part of the marathon begins. At this stage, it is important to work closely with people so that as many participants as possible successfully reach the finish line.

Many go to the marathon on Instagram to find like-minded people, ask questions to experts and recharge the energy of those who managed to change their lives for the better. So, try to answer every comment, collect questions in one list and answer them during the live broadcast.

Help participants overcome challenges during the marathon. If you know how to overcome these obstacles, write a post about it. If not, invite an expert on the topic and have a live chat with him.

Keep your own marathon report. It’s a great way to support participants. First, you will understand what people are going through and how to help them. Second, you’ll create an atmosphere of belonging, where everyone has the same goal.

Work after the marathon ends

At the end of the marathon, you need to sum up the results and choose the best participant. Ask all participants to leave a little feedback about your marathon, telling what they liked, what results they achieved, etc. It’s better if users post this feedback on their profiles so that your account will be of interest to as many people as possible.

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