What is the Curacao Gaming Control Board?

We rarely hear about the Caribbean island of Curaçao around the world. However, non GamStop casino players may have heard this island name multiple times, because it is here that one of the best issuing offices for gambling licenses is located. We reveal more about the Curaçao eGaming license and the associated authority below. Also, you can read the newest guide to casinos not on Gamstop.

What Exactly Is Curaçao Gaming Control Board?

The Curaçao Gambling Authority (also called Curaçao eGaming) is a government agency that oversees both the behavior and activities of gambling companies. As with other regulations, the Curaçao license is also about ensuring safe, reputable, and reliable gaming.

What Does the Authority Do Exactly?


Applicants can apply for a license from Curaçao eGaming, although the application process is less extensive or strict compared to other authorities. Of course, Curaçao also checks a lot of criteria, but the main focus here is on financial aspects. The Malta Gaming Authority, on the other hand, even checks the background of a company.

Are Non GamStop Casinos With Curaçao License Safe?

The security of an online casino should always be guaranteed with a valid and reputable license. Of course, we cannot guarantee that a casino is always 100 percent secure if it has a license from Curaçao. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that this casino is considered safe if the license was obtained legally and is still valid.

How Do I Know If a Non GamStop Casino Has a Curacao eGaming License?

Any good non GamStop casino should always place all relevant information in the footer of the platform. This includes not only an imprint or contact details, but also information about the license. On the one hand, players receive information about which license it is and by which authority it was issued – the specific license number should also be mentioned.

How Does a Casino Get This License?

Companies that want to apply for a license from Curaçao should contact Curaçao eGaming directly. The process is very simple and also very fast compared to other authorities. The application process only takes about a week, which in turn can take several months with other authorities.

It is important that the company is officially registered and that the relevant documents are available. Companies can start the process directly on the website and submit all the required documents. If no additional documents are requested, companies will receive the license directly.

The License in Comparison

Compared to other regulatory authorities, the Curaçao Gaming Authority’s short application process is particularly striking. On the one hand, this is very advantageous, but on the other hand, it also makes it clear that fewer documents are checked compared to an online casino with an EU license.

At the Malta Gaming Authority, for example, the process can take several months because even the company background and a business plan are checked. The Curaçao license, on the other hand, can be issued within a week, as it is primarily about financial aspects that have to be ensured.

Nevertheless, the Curaçao license is certainly not a bad license. These casinos also attach great importance to security and seriousness, especially from a financial point of view. However, the requirements are less stringent, allowing a wider range of companies to go through the process.

Due to the somewhat milder requirements, however, it can happen that in very rare cases a black sheep slips through. This has resulted in the Curaçao license generating negative headlines on a number of occasions.

However, these negative reports related purely to the black sheep in question and not to the license in general or to all non GamStop casinos with this license. So, with a little caution, players can still play safely and reliably and enjoy online gambling.

Pros & Cons of the Curaçao eGaming License

Of course, the fast application process for the Curaçao license is particularly advantageous. So if you want to start as a company quickly with a license and have the financial means at hand, Curaçao is exactly the right place to go. Other authorities, such as Malta, have a more complex application process for this, but also an even higher reputation than Curaçao. So both have advantages and disadvantages.

The license from Curaçao is also advantageous for companies for other reasons. Curaçao is considered an absolute tax haven.

Also interesting is the fact that Curaçao master license holders can also grant licenses to others. However, the licenses themselves are not particularly meaningful. Again, a small comparison to other authorities that offer different licenses for different types of companies and game classes. Curaçao, on the other hand, offers classic licenses as well as master licenses.

Learn More About Curaçao License for Non GamStop Casinos


The Curaçao Gaming Authority has been licensing for more than 25 years. Thousands of casinos and sports betting operators have therefore received a license from Curaçao.

Curaçao itself is one of the three so-called ABC islands. The 444 square-meter island belongs to the Netherlands but is not part of the Schengen area or part of the EU.

The authority and thus also the island is geographically located on the South American continental shelf.

If a non GamStop casino has received a license from Curaçao, then this simply means that the online casino has been audited and thus licensed.

The respective casino and not the authority are still responsible for the money. However, the license is a guarantee that the casino works fairly and securely.


The license from Curaçao is one of the most popular and next to Malta and Co. also one of the best-known gambling licenses. The application process for companies is extremely simple and, above all, time-saving. Ideally, companies can obtain a license within a week. Conversely, this also means that not too many areas of the casino are checked.

For example, the Malta Gaming Authority also carries out a business plan and background check of the company, whereas Curaçao eGaming only deals with financial aspects and the rest is mostly a matter of form. Although the regulations are laxer than other licenses, the Curaçao license is still one of the most reputable and secure licenses in the gaming market.

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