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What Is a VAV Box and How Does It Work?

An air conditioning system is part of a Variable Air Volume (VAV) package. It is situated within the function of the tube. It is designed to control the flow of air to a particular area, called a “zone.”

What exactly is it?

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The VAV regulates air volume to the zone by opening and closing the damper, thereby controlling the amount of air conditioning to the zone. – zone in a building has a thermostat that regulates the VAV, asking it when to open or close the damper on the basis of the zone’s needs.

Parts of VAV Boxes

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The traditional VAV box contains multiple parts needed for operation. The case is the exterior container or casing, usually made of galvanized steel with 22 gauges. The inlet is the relation from the Air Handling System to the tube. The outlet is the link that contributes to the pipe that goes to the zone. Inside is the damper or metal door opening and closing to control the amount of airflow needed. The damper is dynamically powered by a thermostat-controlled engine. A thermostat is positioned in the VAV area, the current temperature is sensed and the VAV is advised to open or close. It controls the amount of air conditioning that reaches the room.

Kinds of VAV Boxes

Three styles of VAV boxes are available: standard, fan-powered, and reheat VAV. The conventional VAV box is made up of an integrated damper VAV package and is thermostat-controlled. This is the most basic type of VAV box. The fan-powered VAV is built the same as the traditional, but it also contains a fan which is triggered when the area reaches optimal temperature or the damper is 50% closed.

When there is less need for air conditioning, this provides additional air circulation. Also, a VAV with a reheat is constructed in the same manner as the conventional VAV, but it incorporates an electromagnetic coil intended to warm the air when the damper enters a fixed place. This feature allows heating a specific zone instead of needing to heat the whole building.

What you can use them for

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Typically, VAV boxes are configured for use in larger systems, where cooling needs differ in each building area. The machine has a large air handling unit and several VAV containers, which enables a much greater degree of control than a simpler system. With the ability to run the system on part load when not in use, or to have a higher level of independent room control, the VAV box is used in a variety of locations including retail stores, auditoriums, office spaces, and some larger homes.

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