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7 Best Portable Air Conditioners 2024 (Full Reviews)

An air conditioner/AC is a machine or a system that can replace warm air with cooler air in an enclosed room. This process is done by passing warm air through a refrigeration cycle where it is transformed into cool air by the aid of a chemical refrigerant that removes unwanted warmth from the air. Therefore a portable AC is a machine or system that can do the fore mentioned task and can be easily shifted from one position to another. ACS helps to keep your summer season at ease, you don’t have to struggle with the summer conditions, condition your living room with one of the following portable ACs.

1. Whynter 14000 BTU Dual Hose

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Whynter Dual Hose can turn a stuffy, dump room into a dry conducive fresh air within no time up to an area of 500 square foot room. They come in three different operational modes; air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan. This helps you to customize your room condition to the standards you want, i.e. if you want to discourage mold growth under your carpets you switch to dehumidifier mode. Thanks to the designer of this AC, it can convert collected humidity to cool air, Auto-draining technology. Designed with the environmental conservation ideal and purposed for heavy-duty and for large rooms. 

2. Edgestar Extreme Cool 12000 BTU

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Besides portability, installation and assembly are other walks on secure streets. Edgestar comes with a remote control to ease its operation ability. It is designed with an automatic restart in the event of a power outage. Its ability is relatively high with the capability of either cooling, dehumidifying of drying an area of up to 425 square feet. As a measure to cater to the dehumidified moisture, it is designed with an automatic self-evaporative drainage mechanism to convert the drained humidity to cool air. The conducive air this machine creates will discourage the growth of health hazard pests making your home a healthier, safe and enjoyable place to live.

3. Honeywell MN12CESBB 12000 BTU Portable AC

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Portability of an AC is not the end, another consideration is, how easy is it to move it around your home? Honeywell designer had this thought and they attended to it by fitting the AC with Four caster wheels to ease mobility around your home. Apart from the remote control, Honeywell comes with a digital soft-touch control panel for its operation to set your desired airflow. It can multitask with ease with the aid if the auto evaporation system without any drain or bucket needed. It is easy to install a window venting kit.

4. LG lp1215gxr portable ac 12000 BTU portable air conditioner

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‘Life is Good’ you can’t deny the fact that legendary electronic company LG hits the mark every time they launch something new into the market. We always spelled with their discoveries in the electronic realm; from cell phones to portable ACs. Stylish charcoal black design made of lightweight material can cool an area of up to 300 square feet with ease. For larger rooms, it will take a bit longer. Even with the dehumidification duty, cleaning of filters and air tube is made easy. Thanks to LG for trusting their product and hitting it with an excellent warranty.

5. Black decker bpact08wt 8000 BTU portable air conditioner

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‘Old is gold’ they said, black decker has been one of American top brand for decades; this is as a result of its quality, durability and their unique products. Black decker bpact08wt is user-friendly with four-wheel that promotes maneuverability around your house. With a programmable configuration, customization of what air conditioner you want has been made ease. All you need to do is play around with buttons. Black decker is ecofriendly and will dehumidify very fast without noise pollution from unnecessary noises.

6. Frigidaire cool connect 12000 BTU portable air conditioner

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Ever wondered what window slats are for in air conditioners, still wondering why Frigidaire cool connect do not have one? All ACs need to expel warm air created by the motor and that’s why almost all have window slats. Frigidaire is one amazing package with three cooling and fan speed and therefore doesn’t need window slats for cooling. When fan settings are activated all warmth needs are attended to whether motor generated warmth or room conditions.

Frigidaire was the first consumer refrigerator brand, and to date, they still control the innovation. With the portable Air conditioner, they have integrated the use of the Wi-Fi control function to manage it from across the house. The cylindrical shape gives it the capability of cooling a room from all dimensions to all 360 degrees. It is highly reliable though expensive due to its unique features and latest technology.

7. Ramsond Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 B.T.U

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Ramsond is one of the youngest, vibrant electronic manufacturers. They specialize in home-oriented electronics ranging from; refrigerator, kitchen appliances, and air conditioners. The revolutionary Ramsond portable AC is easy to install and serve dual season; winter with a heating ability of up to 31 degrees Celsius and cooling during summer with the cooling ability of up to 16 degrees Celsius. The stylish AC compact comes with a remote control that helps you reduce jumping up and down the house in the name of operating your preferred set of conditions.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, the need for a cool condition during the summer condition that heats to unbearable degrees brought a bought birth of a variety of Air Conditioners and that fits your needs. For you to get that ultimate AC that you are looking for, then, it should meet all the custom features you looking for. In this article, we have sampled for you the best ACs when it comes to duty delivery, cost-effectiveness, the latest in terms of technology and the stylish ones to fit your fancy life. We have not forgotten you; yes you, who are looking for an AC that can serve as a heater during the winter season.

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